Zombie Castaways Cheats and Hacks – Do they give free Zombucks and Coins?

Everything you need to know about Zombie Castaways hacks

Zombie Castaways is one of the most popular games on both Android and iOS. Zombie Castaways was released in November of 2015 by VIZOR APPS, which means that it’s quite an old game, but it’s still very popular with over 70 million players worldwide. Due to the game’s popularity there’s a large amount of people that are looking for hacks for Zombie Castaways. The reason why people are looking for hacks for this game is because they want to obtain Zombucks and coins for free.

Zombucks and coins are very important to have an enjoyable time in the game but if you buy them through in-app purchases too often you’ll be broke in no time.

But is it even possible to hack Zombie Castaways? That’s the real question. In today’s post we’ll find the answer to this question. We’re going to find out if any hack tools for the game exist and test them out. That way we can tell you if hacking Zombie Castaways is a possibility. It will also save you a lot of time, because you won’t have to go around testing all of those hacks for yourself.

Is it possible to hack Zombie Castaways?

In order to answer the question whether it’s possible to hack Zombie Castaways we started off by searching for them on Google. During our search we found numerous websites that offer unlimited Zombucks generators. Since there are so many it means that testing them all out is going to be quite the challenge. But since it’s the only way to find out if hacking Zombie Castaways is possible we’re not holding back and will test every single one.

While we’re testing them all we won’t go over them all one by one. The simple reason for this is that it would take up too much of your time. We’re not here to waste your time so we will show you the testing process once. Then we’ll go over the results of all the other hacks that we’ve tested. Now, let’s get to testing!

Testing the Zombie Castaways Hack

The site that we’re going to be highlighting in our testing looked like the image above. As you can see, we’re asked to connect to our Zombie Castaways account first. In order to do so we had to enter our username and the platform we play on. So, that’s what we did. We entered our username and selected the Android platform because that’s where we play Zombie Castaways on.¬†We then pressed the connect button.

Once we connected the generator to our account we had the option to select how many coins, zombucks and brains we wanted to generate. We selected the highest options for each of them and pressed the start generator button. When we pressed this button it seemed like the hack started working on adding the requested brains, zombucks and coins to our account.

However, it wasn’t that easy, we were not done yet. Before we could receive the requested resources into our account the site forced us to complete their human verification. In order to complete this verification we had to complete an offer. So that’s what we did. But did we actually receive any of the brains, zombucks and coins afterwards?

Did the Zombie Castaways hacker work?

The website that we tried claimed that we would receive the resources we wanted immediately after we completed the human verification. But just to be sure, we waited a couple of minutes before checking if we received them. We do this every time we try to find hacks for games because we don’t want to jump to conclusions and prematurely say that a hack doesn’t work.

After waiting a few minutes we opened up Zombie Castaways on our phone. But once we checked on our brains, zombucks and coins we noticed that we still had the exact same amount of each that we started out with.

This was disappointing to say the least, but maybe this hack was just a fluke. Perhaps the other sites that we tested performed better? Well, if you want to find out then keep reading and we’ll let you know how the other tests went.

Did any of the other Zombie Castaways Cheats work?

During the testing process we must’ve gone through at least a dozen of these sites. They’re all very similar to each other, only having minor differences in appearance. The core concept is the same for each of them. They ask for your username, the platform you play on and how many resources you want.

Then it appears that the hack is adding your resources, but eventually you inevitably have to complete their human verification. Once you do that, you’re left empty handed. These sites promise the world but deliver nothing. If you don’t believe us, you don’t have to take our word for us. You can test them the same way that we did but your results won’t be any different.

It’s impossible to hack Zombie Castaways because the resources in the game are stored on their servers rather than on your own device. This means that in order for a hack site to actually work they have to hack into those servers. This is pretty much impossible, and is the reason why these hack sites do not work.

About Zombie Castaways Cheat Codes

Besides websites that offer hacks for Zombie Castaways there are also websites that offer cheat codes. These websites that offer cheat codes however neglect to tell you one thing, and that’s how you can enter these codes. The reality is that these cheat codes cannot be entered anywhere in Zombie Castaways.

Using cheat codes is not possible in Zombie Castaways.

However, it is possible to obtain free zombucks and coins in a different way. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how.

How to get free Zombucks and coins in Zombie Castaways

By now you might be wondering that if cheat codes and hacks can’t give you free zombucks and coins then what can. Luckily for you, we’ve found an excellent method to obtain these resources for free. The method that we’re talking about is very easy and fast.

Importantly, there’s no limit to how many zombucks and coins you can obtain through this method.

Since we wanted to share this method with our readers we decided to create a guide on how to take advantage of this method. In our guide we’ll teach you step by step how you can execute this method.

Our guide works on both the Android and iPhone version of Zombie Castaways. In addition, you do not have to mess around with rooting or jailbreaking your phone in order to use it.

And most importantly of all, our guide is available to our readers completely for free.

If you’re ready to leave behind fake zombucks hack sites that claim they can generate resources with the click of a button and want to learn the only legitimate then click the button below to access our guide.

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