World Chef Cheats – Do Gems and Gold Hacks really work?

World Chef Cheats are highly sought after, but do any of them actually work? In this post we’re going to test them and find out!

World Chef is a very fun cooking game for Android and iOS. The game was released in 2016 and has been one of the most popular cooking games on both platforms. It has almost 700k reviews on Android with an average rating of 4.5 stars. On iOS the game is very popular as well and we can see why, it’s definitely one of our favorite cooking games out there, along with Cafeland.

However, as with many freemium games, there’s one major issue with the game: the need for gold and gems. Gems and gold are the main currencies in World Chef and they’re very important. Without them you can’t progress as fast. The usual way to obtain these gold and gems is through in-app purchases, but we speak from experience that buying them can cost you more money than you’d like. But what if you could obtain them for free? For example through the use of World Chef Cheats and Hacks? There are many websites that offer generators for this game, but do they really work?

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to find out. We’ve done a ton of research and testing to find out if it’s possible to hack World Chef. In today’s post we’ll share the findings of our research with you.

World Chef Hacks

If you’ve been on the hunt for free gems and gold for a while now then you’ve probably come across websites that offer gem/gold generators for World Chef. Usually, they look like this:

world chef hack screenshot

While they might look legit at first glance, do not let them fool you. We’ve put every single one of these hack tools for World Chef to the test, in the hopes of finding one that works but with no success. Even the hacks that we found on YouTube with “proof” that it really works do not work. Their “proof” is faked through video editing software.

All of these websites that claim that you can obtain thousands of gems and gold by typing in your email or username and pressing a few buttons are fake!

You won’t receive anything at all from them, we can promise you that. We spent hours testing them, but in the end we still had the same amount of gems and gold that we started with.

If you encounter sites like the one we’ve shown you above, rest assured that it will not work. Obtaining thousands of resources so easily is simply too good to be true.

World Chef Cheat Codes

Some other sites offer a different approach. Instead of offering you some generator, they claim to have working cheat codes. While this might seem like a good alternative, it’s not.

The big problem with these cheat codes is that you cannot enter them anywhere in the game. This makes them completely useless. They usually look something like this:

  1. A board of gems – “jfeiajfij2323xx”
  2. A bowl of gems – “8ijif443__NM233”
  3. A tray of gems – “fjejaifjjmmn_33x”
  4. A pan of gems – “fejafjdif1238-28jdj2”
  5. A bowl of gold – “siajwqeoioir2”

And while they might look like legitimate cheat codes, they’re not. They’re nothing more than random numbers and letters.

There are no working cheat codes for World Chef, so don’t waste your time trying to find them.

However, it is possible to obtain free gems and gold. Curious how? Keep reading and we’ll share our exact method with you.

How to get free gems and gold in World Chef

It’s impossible to get gold and gems through hacks or cheat codes, but there is a different way to get them. We’ve discovered this method a while ago, and it works like a charm.

However, since this method actually works, it will take up a little bit of your time, but nothing too bad. It’s still a very fast and easy method and it’s the only working way to get free gems anywhere on the internet. Our method works on both the Android and iOS version of World Chef, so players on both sides of the fence can take advantage of it.

We’ve created a guide to teach you this method step by step. Our guide is available to all our readers completely free of charge and without any kind of human verification. You can simply click on the blue button below and gain access to our guide immediately.

Stop wasting your time attempting to find a working hack for World Chef. They simply do not work. Give our guide a try instead!

World Chef Gems and Gold Guide

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