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Unison League Cheats – How to get Free Gems [Android/iOS]

unison league

In this post we’ll go over Unison League Cheats. There have been many people who are looking for ways to obtain free gems in Unison League. Quite often when you try to obtain free gems in Unison League you end up on sites that offer unlimited gem generators. But is it really that easy to get free gems in Unison League? Let’s find out.

Unison League is a very popular RPG for Android and iOS. The game was released in English in 2015 by Ateam inc. The game has millions of downloads and many dedicated fans all over the world. Unison League is free to download and play, but if you really want to enjoy the game you can’t get around the need for gems. Gems are the premium currency in the game and obtaining them through in app purchases can be pretty expensive. It’s therefore not a very big surprise that a lot of people have been looking for Unison League Cheats.

There are several websites out there that offer cheats for the game, and finding them is a piece of cake. However, the real question is whether any of them actually work. Can you really obtain all the gems you want simply by entering your username into a generator? Today we’ll find out and let you know.

Do any hacks or cheats for Unison League actually work?

As we’ve said, there’s not shortage of sites that offer cheats for Unison League. They can be found everywhere: Reddit, YouTube and forums are but a few of the places where people post about Unison League cheats. But how do you know which ones work and which ones don’t?

In order to find this out we’ve tested every single hack for Unison League to see if they would actually give us any free gems into our account. This was definitely a time consuming process, but it was the only way to get to the bottom of it.

Usually the sites that offer cheats or hacks for Unison League don’t look very different from one another. They all ask your for your username and the amount of gems that you would like to generate. The image below is what your average Unison League generator looks like:

unison league hack

Usually these generators look pretty legitimate and this one is no exception. When you look at it it seems quite likely that it will actually work.

However, when we tested these hacks for Unison League none of them worked! They all made huge promises that we would receive thousands and thousands of gems but in the end none of them added a single gem to our account even though we followed their instructions to the letter.

This was quite disappointing to say the least. We must have tested over a dozen of these hacks and none of them lived up to their promises. You don’t have to take our word for it that they do not work, you’re free to test them out yourself. But be prepared to be disappointed if you choose to do so.

Cheat codes

Besides unlimited gem generators there’s also websites that offer cheat codes for Unison League. These sites claim that you can use their cheat codes to unlock in-app purchases (gems, challenge packs and augment packs) for free.

While that sounds great, the truth is that they don’t tell you one very important thing: where to enter these cheat codes. The reason why they don’t tell you where to enter them is very simple, you can’t enter them anywhere!

It’s impossible to enter any cheat codes in Unison League so cheat codes are completely useless.

However, while hacks and cheat codes won’t work, it is possible to get gems for free. Keep reading to find out how.

How to obtain free gems

Obtaining free gems is possible, but not through the use of cheat codes or hacks. It would be awesome if you could just enter your username in a generator or enter a cheat code and watch the gems flow into your account but if something sounds too good to be true, it almost always is.

Luckily, there is an alternative method of obtaining free gems that works extremely well. The method that we’re talking about is not some gameplay tip that you’ll already know. It’s our own method that you won’t find anywhere else online. It will allow you to get gems fast, easily and completely for free! It will take a bit more effort than using cheat codes but at least this method actually works.

To explain the method to you we’ve created a guide that you can follow. The guide will teach our method to you step-by-step. That way you can just access our guide, follow the steps and obtain all the gems you’ll ever need without needing to cheat. Since you’re not using any cheats it also means that your account is completely safe from being banned because you’re not breaking any of the game rules!

Our guide works on both the Android and iOS version of Unison League so players of both platforms can benefit from the method.

And best of all, the guide is completely free! If you’re looking for a legitimate method of obtaining free gems then our guide is perfect for you. Click the button below to get started.

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