Ulala: Idle Adventure Review – a multiplayer idle experience

Ulala: Idle Adventure was released on September 11th by X.D. Global and rapidly gained popularity. The game is in the idle genre, but does things a little bit differently than most other idle games.

In today’s review we’ll go over Ulala: Idle Adventure’s graphics, the gameplay, the pay 2 win factor and finally whether or not it’s worth downloading. Let’s get started.

The gameplay

In Ulala you play as a caveman (or woman) that battles dinosaurs and other creatures in what they call the hunting season. When you defeat enemies you get stronger. There is also a chance to obtain loot whenever you defeat enemies. The loot can be armor or weapons, and they get progressively stronger as you progress through the game. In addition, there’s the chance to obtain pets. These pets will aid you in battle. There are several rarities these pets can be in: common, uncommon, rare, epic & legendary.

When you first launch Ulala: Idle Adventure you get to choose what class you want to play as. Each have their strength and weaknesses and having a good combination of classes in your party will make progressing a lot easier. And don’t worry, if you decide you want to play a different class after a while you have the option to create a new character while still keeping all your progress on your old one.

Ulala: Idle Adventure immediately distinguishes itself in the idle game crowd with the fact that it has multiplayer. This is something you do not see very often in idle games. You can play co-op with up to 3 friends for a total party of 4 people. The game also features boss fights, which can be quite difficult but make for a nice challenge.

Overall the gameplay, and especially the multiplayer are very good; especially for an idle game. The game is very polished, and there’s a good balance between idling and active playing. There’s a good progression system in place, with a lot of different kinds of armor, abilities, spells and pets to unlock and upgrade.

The graphics

It’s always hard to review the graphics of a game because like art, they’re subjective. I might love them, while you might hate them. Nevertheless, I believe that the graphics in Ulala: Idle Adventure are nice. The characters, enemies and weapons are well designed.

 I will leave a video of some Ulala: Idle Adventure gameplay down below so that you can check out the graphics for yourself.

Microtransactions – is it pay to win?

Ulala: Idle Adventures is a free game with micro transactions, but is it pay to win? The premium currency in the game that you can buy through in-app purchases is called Pearls. These pearls have a variety of uses. For instance, they can be used to speed up pet catching, make better food, buy items/skills on the black market and much more.

Overall there are quite a few uses of these pearls. However, the game is still very playable without spending any money. There is definitely quite a lot of benefit for players who decided to spend a lot on the game though, so we do feel as though there is a slight pay to win factor. If you want to read more about getting free pearls, check out the post we wrote on cheating in Ulala: Idle Adventures.

Final verdict – worth playing?

Ulala: Idle Adventure is a breath of fresh air in the idle gaming genre. The addition of co-op multiplayer adds a whole new dimension to the game. You need to think about team composition and what classes you have in your group to beat bosses and levels efficiently. It also simply makes the game a lot more fun because playing with friends is always fun. The graphics are nice, and the progression system is good.

While there might be some slight pay to win factors present in the game, if you decide not to pay for micro transactions you can still have a very enjoyable time in the game.

Overall, we highly suggest you to check out the game if you’re a fan of idle/mmorpg games. It’s one of the best idle games out there in our opinion.

You can check out Ulala: Idle Adventure for Android here, the iOS version can be downloaded here.

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