Traffic Rider Cheats and Hack Tools – Do they really give free cash and gold?

If you’ve been looking for Traffic Rider cheats for a while now then you’re probably aware that there are many sites that offer such tools. However, while there’s an abundance of available hack tools, how do you know if they really work? Normally in order to figure this out you’d have to go and test them all out. No longer, we’ve done all the testing for you. In this post we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about hacking Traffic Rider!

Traffic Rider was released in 2016 for Android and in 2015 for iPhone and is currently one of the most downloaded racing games on both platforms. The game has 6.5 million reviews on Android with an average rating of 4.7 stars. This shows how popular the game is, even today.


We know that people are busy nowadays. If you do not have the time to read through the entire article, we’ll leave some cliff notes there that you can check out. It’ll give you an overview of what we’ve discovered.

  • Generators and hacks for Traffic Rider do not work. We’ve tested them all and none of them will give you any free resources. They’re all scams and a big waste of time.
  • Cheat codes have to be added to the game manually by the developers. Soner Kara (the creators of the game) did NOT add cheat codes to the code. Therefore, there are no working cheat codes for the game.
  • There is an alternative method of obtaining free cash and gold. We’ve written a guide to teach you how. You can find our free guide by clicking on this link.

Traffic Rider Hacks

Testing the websites that offer hack tools for Traffic Rider was a long process. All over the internet there are websites that offer generators, cheats, or hacks for this game. But it had to be done; it’s the only way to find out if any of them actually work.

When you search for “traffic rider hack” you usually end up on websites that offer a generator. While there are many different sites that offer such a generator, they don’t vary all that much in appearance.

screenshot of a traffic rider hack
Usually the hack tools you find look quite similar to this one.

As you can see, we had to enter our username and the device we play the game on. When you do so, you can press the proceed button.

screenshot of the traffic rider cheats
The site then claims that you’re able to generate these absurd amounts of cash and gold.

You’re then able to specify how much gold and cash you’d like to generate. As you can see in the image above, they offer you pretty absurd amounts of gold and cash. 3500 gold alone would cost about $350 if you’d buy it through in-app purchases. Kind of sounds too good to be true, right? Let’s try it out and see if it is.

Did it work?

Before we could obtain our resources from the cash and gold generator we had to verify that we were human. After we did this we were promised that we would receive the gold and cash in our Traffic Rider account within minutes.

However, when we booted up the game several hours later to check if we had received anything we hadn’t received anything but disappointment. Not a single resource was added to our account.

But we didn’t give up and kept testing, testing and testing. We ended up testing every single website that offers generators for Traffic Rider in hopes of finding at least one that worked. But this was without success. Not only do all of those generators look alike, they all function in the same way too. They all claim to be able to generate thousands (if not millions) of cash and gold into your account, but none of them deliver.

They’re all a huge waste of time and do not work at all.

Traffic Rider Cheat Codes

If you’re my age, then you might remember that some games used to have cheat codes in them. Take Age of Empires for example, you could enter a cheat code and voila, get all the resources you’d ever need. For that reason you might think that this would work for Traffic Rider too.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way for Traffic Rider. Since Traffic Rider (like most mobile games) is free to play and is monetized through in-app purchases the developers would never add cheat codes to the game. They would lose huge amounts of revenue if they did so.

This is why websites that offer cheat codes for Traffic Rider don’t tell you WHERE to enter them, you can’t enter them anywhere. These cheat codes they offer you do not work in the slightest.

But don’t be despaired. There are alternatives to obtain the resources you’re after.

Working method to get free cash and gold

While it’s certainly disappointing that you can’t use cheat codes or a cash and gold generator to obtain the resources you need there are other ways to get gold and cash for free.

We know about a very powerful, legitimate method of obtaining these resources for free that does not involve any hacking or cheating. It’s completely safe, and unlike hacks or cheats it actually works.

To explain the method to you we’ve created a free to use guide. The guide teaches you our exact method step by step. That way you can simply access our guide, follow the steps and obtain the free gold and cash you need.

The guide does not contain some basic tips and tricks. If you’re looking for those we’re sure you can find them elsewhere. What you will find in our guide is the only working method of obtaining free cash and gold.

If you’re ready to get started, press the blue button below. You’ll be brought to our guide immediately and be on your way to learn how to obtain all the gold and cash you’ll ever need!

Traffic Racer Guide Button

Modded/Hacked Traffic Rider APKs and IPAs

A more risky approach is trying to use hacked APK or IPA files. These files are modified versions of the game. These modified versions allow players to obtain free gold and cash and supposedly do really work.

However, since they’re made by people just like you and me, you never know what’s hiding in the modified code. There’s no guarantee that these modified versions of the game are safe to download and install on your device because you’re not downloading them from the official Google Play Store or App Store.

If you do decide to try them, do so at your own risk.

Closing thoughts

There are many sites out there that make huge promises of free resources. However, as of today, we’ve not found a single one of them that works. Generators, cheats, hacks, you name it, they’re all a waste of time.

The only working methods of obtaining cash and gold are using the guide we’ve created or taking the risk of using a hacked version of the game.

We hope you found this post helpful, and if you have any suggestions, tips or want us to test something else, feel free to leave a comment!

If you don’t have the Traffic Rider app yet and would like check it out, you can find the Android version here and the iOS version here.



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