The ultimate guide to teams in Toon Blast

Toon Blast Teams Guide

Teams are an important aspect of Toon Blast, but a lot of people are unclear about what exactly teams entail in Toon Blast. In this post everything you’ve ever wondered about Toon Blast Teams will be answered. We’ll go over exactly what teams are, how to join them, Team Tournaments and much more. So without any further delay  let’s get into it.

What are teams?

When you reach level 20 in Toon Blast you’re able to either join a team or create your own team. Joining a team is free but creating a team costs coins. Most players therefore opt to join someone else’s team instead of creating their own team. However, if you already have a lot of coins, for example because you used the guide we released in our post on Toon Blast Hacks then of course creating your own team is a great option. Teams are basically a group of players that work together. You can also chat with the players in your team.

How to join a team

Joining a team is very easy. Simply tap on the “Team” tab and you’ll have an overview of teams that you can join. You can also use the search function if you have a specific team in mind (for example one with friends) that you want to join.

Sometimes teams appear as “closed”, you can still apply to them but the leader must approve you before you can join.

What is the purpose of teams?

Teams are very useful in Toon Blast. Being in a team with other players allows those players to help you out and vice versa. You can give them lives for free, or they can give them to you. In addition, you can join Team Tournaments.

What are team tournaments and how to join them

Team tournaments, as the name suggests are tournaments that you can play with your team. Before your team can play team tournaments it needs to have at least 10 players. The team tournament will have 10 teams in it that are about evenly matched in skill level.

You can obtain points in the team tournament by obtaining stars from levels. The team score is calculated by taking all the stars that the players on the team have earned during the tournament. The top 5 teams in the team tournament will receive prizes while the bottom 5 teams will receive nothing so it’s important to do as well as you can in the tournaments because there’s a lot on the line.


That’s about all there is to know about teams in Toon Blast. If you have any question feel free to leave a comment. Oh, and if you’re looking for more tips check out our post on Toon Blast Tips & Tricks. If you’re wondering what the highest level in Toon Blast is, we’ve got that covered here.

11 thoughts on “The ultimate guide to teams in Toon Blast”

  1. I would appreciate some advise on managing a team as team leader. I have been really keeping tabs on my players. I feel like many players join for a free ride on the backs of good faithful players. I’ve given notice to players that I was going to starting cleaning house. By kicking. Is this a good way to get a good team?tganks Any advice will be helpful

    • I was on level 999 and the game wouldn’t let me finish playing because I wouldn’t push a button that says do I agree to these terms I tried to clear it wouldn’t let me clear it so I can finish playing to make it to the thousand level I pushed it it cleared and it took me back to level 1 I’m very upset how can I get back to where I was

    • I had mentioned to my team that they would be removed if they did not score higher and only one peraon got upset. I’ve noticed that most players score so much during team tournaments but then there are some that don’t even try. It isn’t fair to others at all. Do what you have to do.

  2. I’m of the same opinion as Pam. I’m on a team of 50 with only 10 active players. We are alway in the top 2 in the tournaments.
    How can we get together with your serious players? That’s if YOU are the leader. I’m not the leader on my team or I would have booted over half the team by now.

    • Hi Brandy! You start kicking players off your team so that you weed out the free loaders. That way available spots open up to sign on potential players who will contribute. It’s a bit if a process but eventually you will build a solid team. I myself have been looking for a strong team because I’m tired of others free loading off of me. So if you have any open spots, let me know!

  3. My team has won every tournament so far, likely due to our one rule: help your team with lives or get booted. I boot all non-helpers every Sunday.

    • I left my old team cause only thing leader was checking, was giving lives. He kicked many most contributing players due that one and only rule. Sometimes team tournament best player was not playing on weekdays and got kicked off. And then there are players that do not contribute to tournaments at all, they give just few helps during week – for me these are just free riders. After me and some other top 10 players leaving the team there was no tournament wins anymore… So in my opinion there should be balance between giving lives and collecting stars for team (eg min 30 helps or min 50 tornament stars)

  4. We have a super active team, we hit over 2000 helps this week! Join our team 2 spots open. Search Minnesota with American flag team name is SOOOO.


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