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The Truth About March of Empires Cheats and Hacks

March of Empires Cheats

If you’re on our website you’re probably interested in learning the truth about March of Empires Cheats. You want to know if it’s possible to hack the game and to obtain free gold that way. You might also be wondering if these hacks are safe to use. We had the exact same questions while we were playing the game. In this blog post we will answer all your questions about March of Empires Hack Tools. We will find them, test them, and let you know if you should use them. In the case that we come to the conclusion that you can’t use hacks or cheats to obtain free gold in March of Empires we will attempt to find alternative methods of obtaining free gold.

First we will talk a little bit about what March of Empires is for our readers who are unfamiliar with the game. If you’re already familiar with the game feel free to skip that section.

What is March of Empires?

march of empires

March of Empires is an online strategy game. It’s available for PC, Android and iOS developed by Gameloft. In today’s post we will only focus on the mobile versions of the game. The game has over 10 million downloads on Android with an average rating of 4.2 stars. On iOS the game has an average rating of 4.3 stars.

The game takes place on islands. You start with your own small settlement on an island that’s also populated by other players. You have to build up your settlement by upgrading your buildings, recruiting troops and researching new technologies. The main objective is to become the emperor of your island. Becoming the emperor of your island is not easy, but very rewarding. If you manage to become the emperor through conquest and diplomacy you decide the rules for all the other players on the island. You will have a huge amount of power once you become the emperor!

In March of Empires you can attack other players. If you do so successfully you will kill their troops and steal their resources. This increases your power and makes your opponents weaker so it’s an integral part of become a powerful player.

The game is definitely a lot of fun to play. It reminded us quite a lot of Clash of Kings and King of Avalon. If you enjoy multiplayer strategy games on your mobile device then March of Empires might be one that you will like as well.

Is it possible to hack March of Empires?

While we really enjoy March of Empires it has to be said that the game can get very expensive. The main currency that you can use in the game to speed up most things is gold. You can purchase gold through the App Store and Play Store but it comes at a high price. The most expensive package costs $99 and will give you 54,000 gold. You will blow through this 54,000 gold in no time if you’re not careful.

That’s why we wanted to find out if it is possible to obtain free gold through the use of March of Empires Hack Tools. We started searching and we quickly found several websites that claimed they had unlimited gold generators. We will test these generator websites and let you know about the results

Testing the first March of Empires Hack Tool

The first March of Empires Hack that we found looked like this:

march of empires hack 1 screenshot

It looked suspiciously similar to some of the Last Shelter Survival Cheats that we have tested. It asked us to enter our username or email and to specify what device we played on. Since we play March of Empires on Android we entered our username and selected Android.

We then pressed the “next” button.

march of empires hack screenshot 2

Great! It seems like the generator will give us exactly what we’re after: Gold and VIP 10. We pressed the “generate” button and waited for the generator to complete. We were then asked to complete their human verification. They promised that the gold and VIP 10 would be added to our account after we completed it.

However, after we completed the human verification and checked on our account we did not receive any gold at all. We didn’t receive VIP 10 either! It seemed like this March of Empires Hack was a complete fake and waste of time. However, we wanted to do 1 more test to be absolutely sure.

In our final test we use a completely random username, a username that nobody would EVER use.

march of empires username

As you can see, this is a completely random username. Nobody would ever use it. However, the gold generator still said that it added the gold to the account. That’s how we knew for sure that this generator was fake. After all, it should be impossible to add gold and VIP 10 to an account that doesn’t even exist!

The website tries very hard to convince you that their generator works with images like this:

march of empires hack proof

But these images are simply edited. Don’t fall for it!

Did the second cheats fare any better?

We were not content with testing only one of the March of Empires Cheats that we found. So we tried another one of the cheats websites that we found. The second website that we tested looked like this:

march of empires cheats website

It’s the same principle as the other hack that we tested. It asks for your username and the amount of gold that you want. We went through all their steps again, and not to our surprise we were asked to complete a human verification once again.

We completed their human verification and checked our account, only to find out that we didn’t receive any gold once again.

Just like the previous site that we tested this site tries hard to trick you into believing that their cheats for March of Empires are legitimate. They even added fake comments to their website to make it seem like other people endorsed their site.


These comments are completely fake. It even says there are 861 comments but there are only around 20. Do not let these comments trick you into trying out their hack, you will only waste your time!

Did we find any working cheats for March of Empires?

We did not. We tested dozens more similar websites using the same method that we showed you above. But we won’t go over all of them because they’re all the same. They promise that you will receive unlimited gold and VIP 10 with with their generator but you won’t receive a single thing.

We also found some websites that claim they have cheat codes for March of Empires. But there is no place in the game to even enter cheat codes so that doesn’t work either.

Even though we did not find any working hacks for March of Empires we knew from experience that there has to be a way to obtain free gold. After a long time we finally figured out how you can obtain free gold without having to use hacks or cheats. If you want to learn how to do it, then keep on reading.

How to obtain free gold in March of Empires

march of empires

The method that we discovered to obtain free gold in March of Empires was not easy to find. We first searched the internet for many hours, but all we found were methods that didn’t work. Then we decided to start figuring out on our own how we could obtain gold.

After we figured out how to obtain gold quick and easily we wrote a guide about it. In this guide we will show you step-by-step how you can replicate our method. It’s very easy to do and you will have your gold quick. You can simply follow all the steps in our guide and that’s it.

Our guide is available for free to all our readers and works on both the Android and iPhone version of the game.

Best of all, unlike with those hack tools for March of Empires you can know for sure that you will actually receive the gold. You can also be sure that your account won’t get banned because you are not breaking any of the game rules. The method we show you is completely legitimate, but still insanely powerful to obtain gold.

Stop wasting precious time on websites that will give you nothing and instead let us guide you to the path to obtain gold. Click the button below to start learning how you can obtain free gold and even VIP 10!


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  1. i love that you actually tested all these hacks, i tried some of them for myself before i found your post and i came to the same conclusion

  2. Very interesting article, do you think it will ever be possible at all to add gold through the use of hacks or cheats in March of Empires?

    • I highly doubt it. Since the values for the resources are not stored locally (on your device) but on their servers you’d first have to hack into their servers which is almost impossible.

    • Hi Rebecca, you certainly can. We’re open to write guides about almost any game. But it might take some time for us to get to your request since the process is quite lengthy.

      If you want to see a guide about your favorite game then feel free to send us a message through our contact page or simply leave it in a comment.

  3. i love the guide that you made, finally a method that works and is easy to do. finally I can stop spending so much money on gold haha


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