Shop Titans: Design & Trade Cheat Codes, Hacks & Free Gems Guide

There’s no question about it: Shop Titans: Design & Trade is a fun game. However, you need a ton of gems to really have a good time, and these gems aren’t cheap. But what if you could obtain them for free? There are several sites out there that offer hacks, generators or cheat codes. These sites promise you free gems and coins by simply clicking a few buttons, but is it really that simple? We tested them to find out.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade was released this year for Android and iOS by mobile game developer Kabam Games. The game quickly became popular and has been downloaded over a million times on both platforms. Shop Titans is very fun, but there have been a lot of people complaining about the amount of gems you need in the game.

shop titans complaints

There are quite a few reviews similar to the one above. People really enjoy playing Shop Titans but the fact that they need so many gems prevents them from enjoying the game to the fullest extent. If you’re on our site, you’re probably thinking the same thing and are looking for a way to get gems and other in app purchases for free.

There are many sites on the internet that offer players like you cheat codes, gem generators or other hack tools. But how do you know if they actually work of if they’re fake? Usually it takes a lot of time to determine which ones actually work and which ones are a waste of your time, but not any more.

We’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve tested every single site that claims to be able to give you free gems, coins, research scrolls or royal merchant membership. We’ll share the results of our findings in this post. Let’s get started.

Shop Titans: Design & Trade Hacks

Websites that offer generators or gem hacks for Shop Titans aren’t hard to find. There are many forum posts, YouTube videos and other websites that claim to have working hacks for the game. Usually these sites look quite similar to one another. They have a fairly simple, but realistic looking user interface that looks something like this:

Shop Titans Gem generator screenshot
This is what these Shop Titans hack tools usually look like. But do they work? Let’s find out.

Perhaps you’ve come across this sites, or others that look similar to it on your quest for free resources. These gem hacks don’t all look exactly like the screenshot above, but they’re quite similar to one another.

Let’s see what happens when we test them out.

Do they really work?

That’s the real question here. The site might look legitimate, but if it doesn’t work it’s useless, which is why we had to test it out.

Since there are so many of these sites out there, testing them out was pretty time consuming. We tested them all out, making sure to fill in all the information they requested without making any mistakes. However, none of these websites gave us any free gems.

These generators usually have some sort of “proof” that they work such as a YouTube video where they show the hack in action. Don’t let this fool you. These videos are easily fabricated through the use of video editing software. They try really hard to convince you that you’ve found a working hack, only to leave you completely empty handed.

If you come across a website that claims to be able to add thousands of gems into your account with the click of a button, stay far away. They’re simply too good to be true and do not work at all.

Shop Titans Cheat Codes

There are also sites that go a different route. Instead of offering you their gem hack they claim to have working cheat codes that you can enter into the game to unlock in app purchases for free. They claim that you can unlock pretty much everything (gems, coins, research scrolls & more) simply by entering the code they give you into the game.

These codes usually look something like this:

16500 gems – Espq2nnsE2_23X
10 Research Scrolls – 3naEqQpen_23Q
Royal Merchant – QdnEQnmOP_2QQ

However, what these sites refrain from telling you is HOW you enter the codes into the game. There’s a very simple reason why they do not tell you this and that is because you can’t enter them anywhere.

These cheat codes aren’t real. They’re nothing more than a random string of numbers and letters that they pass off as a working cheat code.

Nevertheless, it is possible to get free gems, research scrolls, and even Royal Merchant and we’re going to tell you exactly how to do it.

How to get free coins, gems & Royal Merchant legitimately

It’s unfortunate that you cannot obtain free gems and other premium resources through the use of hacks and cheat codes. However, it is possible to obtain them through an alternative method. We’ve discovered a 100% legitimate method of obtaining these items that doesn’t involve any hacking or cheating and is guaranteed to work.

Since this method is legitimate, it will take a bit more of your time than entering your username and smashing a few buttons, but it’s definitely worth it. And it’s still quite fast and very easy to do.

In order to give a proper explanation of how you can take advantage of our method we’ve created a free guide that you can follow. The guide lays out the exact process in a step by step format. That way you can simply follow along with the steps and obtain the resources you need in no time. You can obtain Gems, Research Scrolls, Ascension Shards, Royal Merchant & all the types of coins (Sia, Yami, Argon and Lilu) for free by using it.

The guide works on both the iOS and Android version of the game, so no matter what platform you play on you can take advantage of it. Additionally, there’s no need to jailbreak or root your device. And most importantly: the guide is free and does not require any human verification in order to be accessed.

Simply click the blue button below to gain instant access to our guide.

Shop titans gem guide

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