Second Galaxy Cheat Codes & Hacks Review – Do they actually work?


Second Galaxy is a game by Chinese mobile game studio Zilong. It was released a few days ago for both Android and iOS and enjoyed rapid growth on both platforms. The game received good ratings, with 4.4 stars on Android and 4.6 stars on iOS. We’ve had a lot of fun playing the game, and it reminded us a lot of EVE Online. The game is free-to-play and in monetized with in-app purchases. As is often the case with freemium games, there’s a premium currency in the game that you can purchase with real money. In the case of Second Galaxy this premium currency is called Iridium.

Iridium is quite important for getting the most out of the game, but obtaining it can get expensive. But what if you could generate thousands of Iridium into your account with the click of a button? There are several websites that claim that this is possible through the use of their cheats and hack tools. But do these hacks, generators and cheat codes really work? We’ve put them to the test to find out!

Second Galaxy Hacks

When you try to find a way to get Iridium for free you’ll run into dozens of websites, YouTube videos and forum posts of people that claim that obtaining free Iridium is as easy as entering your username into a generator and pressing a few buttons.

These websites offer you what they call an “Iridium Generator” and usually it looks something like this:

second galaxy hack screenshot
A screenshot of what your average Second Galaxy Iridium Generator looks like. Looks neat, but does it work? Let’s test it out.

As you can see, the hacking process looks pretty simple: enter your username, select your device, select how much Iridium you want and press a button. But is getting tens of thousands of Iridium really that simple or are these Iridium Hacks too good to be true? Let’s test them to find out.

Do these Iridium Generators actually work?

There are quite a few websites that offer generators like the one you can see in the screenshot above. They don’t all look exactly the same, but they’re quite similar to one another. In order to find out if they work we tested every single one to see if we would receive any free Iridium into our account.

Unfortunately, none of these hacks worked. All of them made huge promises of giving you all the Iridium you’ll ever need, but in the end we ended up with no more Iridium than we started with.

These Second Galaxy Hack tools usually come accompanied with a lot of “proof” that they work in the form of videos, screenshots or a recent activity window.

second galaxy iridium generator recent activity screenshot

But don’t let that fool you. The proof is faked just to convince you that the generator actually works. We can confirm from our own testing that none of these websites will give you any free Iridium. Even if by some miracle one of these sites would work, the developers would patch it in no time and ban any account that had been found using it.

Second Galaxy Cheat Codes

A second kind of site you might come across on your quest for free Iridium is those that offer you cheat codes. These sites claim that you can use the codes they give you to unlock in-app purchases completely for free. The codes they provide you with usually look something like this:

Impire Legacy: Marduk – Wnq20eNeQQ_309
13,600 Iridium – N0oQndPP88n_4ww

And we don’t blame you for believing that these codes are real, after all, they look quite legitimate. But the reality is that you cannot enter the codes they give you anywhere in the game. There are no working cheat codes for Second Galaxy!

But despite all that, it is possible to obtain free Iridium if you’re willing to put in a bit of effort. How you ask? Keep reading and we’ll tell you more.

How to get free Iridium legitimately

You might be disappointed now that you know that cheat codes and hacks do not work, we definitely were. We spent so much time testing them all out only to be let down over and over again. But we do not want to leave you with empty hands so we’re going to share our method of obtaining free Iridium.

Our method is 100% legitimate, doesn’t involve any cheating, hacking or breaking of the rules and for that reason will not get your account banned. Of course, since it’s a legitimate method it will require you to put in a bit of your time, but nothing too major and it’s very easy to do to.

To give you a proper explanation of how you can use our method we’ve created a short, to the point guide. The guide will teach you our exact method step-by-step, which makes it very easy to follow along with.

The method we explain in our guide works on both the iOS and Android version of Second Galaxy and doesn’t require you to jailbreak or root your device.

And the best part? The guide is available completely for free with no human verification of any sort! If you’re ready to learn the only working way to get free Iridium in Second Galaxy then click the blue button below to gain instant access to our free guide.

Second Galaxy Free Iridium Guide Button

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