Pocket Mortys Cheats and Hacks – Do Generators really give free coupons?

Pocket Mortys Cheats and Hacks

We’ve had some requests from the TapTapGaming community to look into Pocket Mortys Cheats. People are curious if it’s possible to obtain free coupons through the use of unlimited coupon generators. So in today’s post we’re going to find out if this is indeed possible.

In order to find this out we’re going to put the hacks that we find to the test. We’ll test each and every hack and see if any of them actually give us free coupons. If they do, we’ll surely let you know where to find them. If you’re looking for cheats for Pocket Mortys then this post is a must read because if you don’t then you might waste a lot of your time on hacks that do not work.

But before we get into testing these cheats, let’s talk a bit about Pocket Mortys to see what the game is all about.

What is Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys?

Pocket Mortys is a mobile game for Android and iOS. The game was released in 2016 by Adult Swim and is based on the Rick and Morty cartoon. Since Rick and Morty is a very popular series it stands to reason that the app is quite popular as well. The game has millions of players and received good reviews. On average Pocket Mortys received 4.5 out of 5 stars on both platforms.

Pocket Mortys reminds us a bit of the Pokemon games. In the game you start out in Rick’s garage. You play as Rick in the entire game and the objective is mainly to battle other Ricks using Mortys. When you beat other Ricks you can obtain badges, similarly to how in Pokemon you get badges for defeating gym leaders.

There are also quests to complete. In these quests you usually have to bring them a crafted item in exchange for a reward.

In 2017 Pocket Mortys released multiplayer into the game which made it infinitely more fun. If you’re a fan of Pokemon games or just the Rick and Morty universe then Pocket Mortys is a game you should definitely check out. You can find the Android version of the game here. The iPhone version can be downloaded here.

Is it possible to cheat in Pocket Mortys?

In order to find out if cheating is possible in Pocket Mortys we started searching for Pocket Mortys Cheats. Finding websites that offer cheats for Pocket Mortys wasn’t hard. In fact, there’s dozens of websites that offer unlimited coupon generators.

The real problem was discerning which ones work, if any. In order to find this out we have to test them all out. This will take quite some time. Luckily for you, since we’re going to be testing them all you won’t have to go through all this effort yourself.

Testing the Pocket Mortys Cheats

The image you see above is a screenshot of a standard Pocket Mortys hack that we found on YouTube. If you’ve been trying to obtain free coupons through the use of cheats then the site might look familiar. The sites that offer unlimited coupon generators usually look quite similar to one another. We’re going to show you exactly what happens you use this hack.

In order to test it out we entered the requested information (username and platform) and pressed the connect button. We then had the option to select how many coupons and Schmeckels we wanted to generate.

We selected the option with the most Schmeckels and Coupons and pressed the hack now button. Once we pressed the hack now button the site claimed that our resources were being generated and a progress bar showed up informing us of the hack status.

When the progress bar was finished the site informed us that our resources had been generated! However, before we could obtain the Schmeckels and Coupons it stated that we had to complete a human verification. In order to complete this we had to download an app and run it for 30 seconds, so that’s what we did. But did we actually receive the Schmeckels and Coupons afterwards?

Did the hack for Pocket Mortys really work? Did it give us the coupons and Schmeckels?

The site we tested claimed that we would receive our Schmeckels and Coupons immediately after completing the verification. However, just to be sure we waited about an hour between completing the verification and opening the game.

However, when we opened Pocket Mortys after about an hour to check on our resources we were disappointed to see that not a single Schmeckle or Coupon had been added to our account. The hack didn’t work at all!

We found this hack for Pocket Mortys on a YouTube video that actually showed that the hack worked. If you’ve seen YouTube videos like that before you might be wondering how it’s possible that they have video proof of their hack in action if the hack doesn’t work.

This is easily explainable. These videos are easily faked by using software like Adobe After Effects. Alternatively, it’s possible that these sites use a modded APK to fabricate their proof videos. The thing is that while you can add coupons and Schmeckels on a modded APK it won’t give you the coupons on the live game. Therefore these modded APKs are quite useless.

However, this is only one hack. Maybe the other cheats for Pocket Mortys DID really work? Let’s find out.

What about the other Pocket Mortys hack sites? Do any of them work?

Unfortunately not. They’re all quite similar to the one we’ve shown you above. All the sites make grand promises of giving you unlimited coupons and schmeckles at the click of a button but this is not the truth. After you complete their human verification you’re left with empty hands every single time.

We’ve tested them all out and none of them actually gave us any Coupons or Schmeckels at all. If you need free coupons then don’t waste your time on these websites. You won’t receive anything from them.

However, it is possible to obtain free coupons in Pocket Mortys. Curious how? We’ll tell you if you keep reading.

How to get free coupons in Pocket Mortys legitimately

Now that you know that hacks aren’t the way to go if you want to get free coupons in Pocket Mortys you might be wondering what the alternative is. We’ve discovered a great method that you can use to obtain coupons in Pocket Mortys completely legitimately.

This method does not involve any hacking or cheating, but is still very effective and efficient. It doesn’t take that much time at all and there’s no limit to how many free coupons you can obtain through it. This method is completely legitimate and you’re not breaking any rules by using it. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your account getting banned.

Of course, it’ll take you a bit more time than pressing a button on some generator. But this is to be expected for a method that actually works.

Our method does not contain basic information that everyone already knows, don’t worry. It’s a method that’s unknown to many people, which is partly why it’s so effective.

To explain our method properly we’ve written an easy to use step by step guide that you can follow. Simply follow along with the steps and you’ll have free coupons in no time.

Our guide works on both platforms and does not require any jailbreak or rooting of your phone. Best of all, the guide is available for free.

Stop wasting your time on fake Pocket Mortys coupon generator hacks, as we’ve demonstrated you won’t receive anything from them. Instead, use our guide. You’ll be glad you did. Click the button below to access our guide.

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