One Piece Treasure Cruise Cheats and Hacks – How to get free Rainbow Gems

Can you obtain free Rainbow Gems with One Piece Treasure Cruise Hacks?

A few days ago we finished watching the One Piece anime. When we heard that there was a mobile game about One Piece we went ahead and downloaded it immediately! The game surprised us by how fun it was. We spent countless hours playing in our first few days and had a blast. However, there was one pretty big downside to the game in our opinion and it’s one that plagues most mobile games nowadays. That problem was that there were too many micro transactions. That’s why we were curious if it was possible to hack One Piece Treasure Cruise.

Our quest for free rainbow gems

While One Piece Treasure Cruise is free to play you can buy Rainbow Gems through in app purchases. These Rainbow Gems are not cheap and are almost required in order to have a good time with the game. Since we did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on yet another mobile game we were curious if it would be possible to obtain rainbow gems for free. If you’re reading this then you’re probably curious about the exact same thing.

For that reason, we started searching for One Piece Treasure Cruise Hacks. In today’s post we will tell you all about our findings. We’ll try to find hacks for One Piece Treasure Cruise and test them out for you. We’ll let you know about the results and whether or not you should use them yourself. That way, you can let us do all the hard work!

However, before we get into all that we have to talk a bit about the game itself first. After all, not all of our readers might be familiar with the game.

What is One Piece Treasure Cruise?

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a very popular mobile game available on Android and iOS. The game has over 70 million players and is based on the One Piece anime. It is created by Bandai Namco (The same developers that created Dragon Ball Legends). It has very positive ratings overall with 4.7 stars on iOS and 4.6 stars on Android. While the overall ratings are positive there are people who are of a similar opinion as us that there are too many micro transactions.

However, the game play itself is amazing. You can collect the characters from the One Piece universe, form your very own pirate crew with them and set sail towards endless adventure with them. The game features over 1000 characters from the anime that you can collect, so there is plenty to do for fans of the One Piece universe. If you enjoy games that are based on an anime universe like Bleach Brave Souls then this game is one that you should definitely check out.

Is it possible to hack One Piece Treasure Cruise?

That was our main question once we realized how many rainbow gems are necessary to really enjoy the game. In order to answer this question we set out to find hacks for One Piece Treasure Cruise. Finding websites that offers hacks for the game was not at all difficult. A simple Google search returned countless of sites that claimed they could generate unlimited rainbow gems into our account within minutes.

However, do these hacks actually work? That’s the real question and today we will answer it for you. We’ve tested tons of these websites and will share the results with you.

Putting the generator to the test

The first website that we found that offered us unlimited rainbow gems and berries looked like the screenshot above. As you notice it asked us to enter our One Piece username and several other things. We filled in the generator and pressed the start button.

Once we pressed the start button the generating process seemed to be on its way and we were curious to see if it would actually deliver the rainbow gems. However, once the processing was completed we were required to complete a survey to verify that we are human. We were no strangers to websites that ask us to do this since we’ve tested tons of websites like this before.

We went through their human verification and waited for about an hour to give the generator time to add the rainbow gems. Then we launched the game, hopeful to see the rainbow gems being added to our account. What we received was nothing but disappointment. Not a single rainbow gem was added to our account.

If you’ve been looking for cheats for One Piece Treasure Cruise for a while then you might have had the same experience. If you have then you know how frustrating it is to waste your time on sites like this. But, not satisfied with testing only a single website we kept on searching and testing.

Do any One Piece Treasure Cruise Hacks work?

We can give you a very decisive answer on this question and that answer is no. We have tested every single One Piece Treasure Cruise Cheats that we have come across and none of them actually gave us any rainbow gems. If you’re trying to hack the game you will simply waste your time because it’s impossible.

You don’t have to take our word for it, you can go out and test them for yourself but you will face nothing but disappointment.

We also tried if we could hack the game using Lucky Patcher but this did not work either. We therefore have to conclude that it’s impossible to obtain free rainbow gems through the use of hacks.

However, what if we told you that it is possible to obtain free rainbow gems in a different way? Curious how? Keep reading, we’ll tell you.

How to get free rainbow gems in One Piece Treasure Cruise

Disappointed with the One Piece Treasure Cruise Cheats websites that we tested we were adamant to find a working method of obtaining rainbow gems for free. However, this was easier said than done. We started off by searching through YouTube videos and Reddit to find a working method but to no avail.

All the methods that we found there were way too slow for our taste. That’s why we decided to start working on our own method! And let us tell you, we managed to discover a great one. The method that we found will allow you to obtain tons of free rainbow gems without having to use any hacks or cheats at all.

We will show you exactly what you need to do to obtain tons of free rainbow gems in our guide. The guide will show you step by step how you can get the gems.

What this means is that you do not have to worry about your account being banned because you’re not breaking any of the game rules.

Furthermore, we have tested our guide on Android and iOS and it works flawlessly on both platforms. You also do not need to root or jailbreak your device in order to take advantage of it.

If you’re ready to stop wasting time on trying to hack the game and want to learn the only working method of getting the rainbow gems that you need then click the button below. It’s completely free and you’ll wish you had used it sooner!

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  1. I am a big fan of One Piece, happy to see that you covered my favorite game. I’ve been paying a ton of money for rainbow gems, i’m so excited that I can get them for free now!

  2. Thank you guys for releasing this guide, I’ve been looking forward to it since I play One Piece Treasure cruise a lot, it’s my most played game in 2018 I believe haha

  3. Wow, I can’t believe that all those websites you mentioned are fakes. I mean I had a gut feeling that I couldn’t be so simple to obtain rainbow gems but to think that there are so many fakes out there is mind blowing. Crazy that people would put so much effort into creating those sites


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