Monster Super League Cheats and Hacks – Do generators actually work?

The truth about Monster Super League Cheats

Monster Super League is one of our favorite games. The game was released in September 2016 for Android and iPhone and we’ve been hooked ever since it came out. However, while we thoroughly enjoy playing the game it’s a lot more fun if you have a lot of AstroGems and gold at your disposal. You can obtain Astrogems by purchasing them through in app purchases, which we have done numerous times. Astrogems are very important in the game because they allow you to speed up your progress. However, we were curious if it would be possible to obtain free gold and Astrogems through the use of hacks and cheats. If you’re on our site then you’re most likely wondering the same thing.

Today we’ll reveal the truth about Monster Super League Cheats and Hacks. We’ll find out if they exist and test them out. We’ll share our results with you. That way we can discover the truth about Monster Super League Hacks.

Furthermore, if we come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to hack Monster Super League we’ll find an alternative method of obtaining free gold and astrogems.

Hacking Monster Super League – Is it possible?

In order to find out if it’s possible to hack Monster Super League we first had to find out if any hacks exist. Finding websites that offered unlimited astrogem generators was not hard at all. With one search we found dozens of websites and YouTube videos that offered us unlimited astrogem generators.

The generators that we found usually looked like the image above with minor variations between them. We must admit that they look pretty legit. But do they actually work? Let’s find out!

Testing Monster Super League Hacks

In our testing process we entered our username that we use for the game. We then selected the amount of Astrogems and gold that we wanted and the platform we play on. Once we pressed the generate button it appeared that the hack tool started working on our request.

But, once the process was completed we were required to verify that we were a human and not a bot. We had to complete a survey in order to do this. So, we went ahead and completed the survey. The website claimed that the resources would be added to our account immediately after we completed the verification. But what really happened is not what you think.

So, did the hack work?

Once we completed the verification we waited a few hours to give the site some time to add the astrogems and gold to our account. We then booted up the game to see if the astrogems and gold had actually been added to our account.

When we opened the account we noticed that not a single astrogem or gold had been added to our account! We have to admit that this was not a huge surprise to us. Here on TapTapGaming we have a lot of experience in testing sites like this and pretty much all of them are fake, just like this one.

If you’ve been hunting for free astrogems and gold for a while now then you’ve probably come to the same conclusion: they’re a waste of time.

Do cheat codes work for Monster Super League?

In our search for working Monster Super League Hacks online we also found websites that offered cheat codes. Maybe you’ve seen sites like those before. They have a random string of numbers and letters and claim that this is a cheat code to give you free gems. But the funny thing is that you can’t enter cheat codes anywhere in the game. Yet again, we had found something that didn’t work.

There are no working cheat codes for Monster Super League so if you see websites like that just avoid them, you won’t receive anything from them.

But don’t despair, you can obtain free astrogems and gold in another, completely legitimate way. Keep reading to find out how!

How to get free astrogems and gold

After testing every hack and coming to the conclusion that they’re all fake we knew we had to find an alternative method. But, this was easier said than done. It’s not easy to find a method to obtain astrogems and gold for free. However, after tons of trial and error we finally did it.

We found a method that’s completely legitimate. The method allows you to obtain astrogems and coins at a rapid pace without hacking the game. Best of all, there’s not limit at all to how many astrogems and gold you can obtain with it.

We compiled the method that we found in an easy to follow guide. The guide that we created will show you step by step what you need to do to get the astrogems and gold for free. It works for both Android and iPhone players as well.

If you want to learn the only legitimate method of obtaining resources in Monster Super League for free then our guide is your best option. Hacks and cheats will just waste your time but our guide will help you achieve your goals.

If you’re ready to learn how to obtain tons of coins and gems for free then click the blue button below!

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