Merge Dragons! Cheats – Do Gem Hackers really work?

Many people are looking for a way to get free gems in Merge Dragons. There are many sites that offer Merge Dragons Cheats, but do any of them really work? In today’s post we’re going to find out!

Merge Dragons was released in June 2017 for Android and iOS and instantly rose to the top of the charts. It’s currently one of the most popular games on mobile devices. We thoroughly enjoy playing Merge Dragons as well, but there was one thing that kept bugging us: the need for Dragon Gems.

Dragon Gems are very important in Merge Dragons. Usually you have to buy them through in-app purchases but they don’t come cheap. Especially if you play the game a lot, their cost can quickly ramp up and get out of control. That’s why were were curious if it would be possible to obtain free gems through the use of hacks or cheats.

We found out that there are dozens of websites that offer gem generators. If you’ve been looking for a way to get free gems yourself then you might have come across them as well. However, we were wondering if any of them actually worked. So we set out to test them all out.

Merge Dragons! Hack

While there are many sites that offer hacks for the game, they usually look almost identical to one another. Take a look at the screenshot below of what they usually look like.

merge dragons hack screenshot

As you can see, it looks pretty legitimate. It asks for your username and the amount of gems that you want to generate.

However, do not be fooled. It doesn’t work at all. When we put the Merge Dragons Gem Cheats to the test to see if they would actually give us any free gems we found nothing but disappointment.

They usually have nicely designed sites, complete with “proof” that their generator will work. However, even though we followed all the steps on these generators to the letter, we never received a single gem from any of them! Their “proof” is faked to make you believe that the hack will work.

You cannot hack Merge Dragons this way. These tools are simply too good to be true. If you come across sites that claim that you can obtain thousands, or sometimes even millions of gems with the click of a button, stay far away. You’ll just end up wasting your time.

Cheat codes for Merge Dragons

In addition to websites that offer you fake generators, there’s also an abundance of websites that claim to have cheat codes.

These cheat codes usually come in a similar format to this:

  • 30 Day Dragon Gem Payout – OC_ML949Mjnd
  • BONUS Bag of 400 Dragon Gems – IN_jf2MMJIm5
  • BONUS Chest of 960 Dragon Gems – T3_98NmDjn
  • Bag of 250 Dragon Gems – NOC_Jfm2MiPaEW
  • Pile of 100 Dragon Gems – JN_93MMniPooli
  • BONUS Pile of 160 Dragon Gems – FR_NaaFRR299
  • BONUS Cauldron of 3200 Dragon Gems – AK_8MqipQm

As you can see, they claim that you can enter the cheat code and unlock in-app purchases for free. However, there’s one important thing that they don’t tell you: how to enter the cheat codes. The reason why they don’t tell you this is simple, you can’t enter them anywhere.

These cheat codes are nothing more than random numbers and letters. Even though they might look like working codes, they do not work in the slightest.

However, it is possible to obtain free Dragon Gems in a different way. Curious how? We’ll explain.

How to get free Dragon Gems in Merge Dragons!

We know of a very easy and powerful method to obtain free dragon gems and we’re going to share it with you.

We’ve created a free guide to explain our method to you. Our guide will show you exactly how you can get free Dragon Gems without having to do any hacking or cheating. This method is absolutely legitimate, so there’s also no need to worry about your account getting banned.

Keep in mind though, that because this is a working method it will take a bit of your time. However, it’s nothing too extreme. We’ve used this method ourselves countless times to get the Dragon Gems we need.

Our guide works on both the iOS and Android version of Merge Dragons, so you can take advantage of it no matter what device you play on. In addition, there’s no jailbreaking or rooting required. It just works. Oh, and best of all, there’s no human verification needed in order to access our guide!

If you’re ready to access our guide and learn the only working method of obtaining gems for free click the blue button below.

Merge Dragons Guide Button

About Merge Dragons

If you’ve never played the game and are curious what it’s all about we’ll give you a brief overview. We highly recommend you to check it out if you’re a fan of match 3 puzzle games because it’s definitely one of the better ones out there! It has a great story line combined with the puzzle aspect which makes it very enjoyable.

Tons of different dragons

There are a ton of different dragons in the game. In total there are over 40! You unlock these dragons as you progress throughout the game. In our opinion, one of the coolest things about this game is that you start out with an egg. You can watch and aid this egg grow into a full blown dragon.

To help your dragon grow you can complete mini-quests. You can also merge three of the same dragon together to make it bigger.

Countless puzzles

There are many different puzzles in the game. You can complete these puzzles and receive rewards. In addition, there’s great replay value in the game because you can repeat the puzzles to get an even higher score. A higher score means better rewards, so there’s definitely a reason to revisit old puzzles that you’ve already completed.

To sweeten the deal even more, whenever you play a level 3 times you earn additional rewards. The large amount of available puzzles combined with the rewards you can get for repeating old puzzles means that there’s plenty to keep you busy!


There’s over 900 quests in the game. When you complete one of the vast amount of quests you will be rewarded. The quest rewards can be used to improve your dragons and build up your camp.

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