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Matchington Mansion Cheats & Hacks – How to get free coins

matchington mansion

Matchington Mansion is a very popular match 3 game. The is developed by FireCraft Studios for Android and iOS. Immediately after releasing the game, it became one of the most popular match-3 games on both platforms and it’s easy to see why. The game checks all the boxes of a good match 3 game. The game is a bit similar to Homescapes. However, while it’s a fun game to play, the need for coins can be a huge hindrance. If you really want to enjoy the game you cannot get around them. This is also the reason why so many people try to find working Matchington Mansion Cheats.

The usual way to obtain free coins is by purchasing them through in-app purchases, and many people do so. The game has made over $100 million by selling coins! But could you obtain these coins without paying for them? There are many websites out there claiming that this is indeed possible by using their cheats or hacks.

The real question is whether these hack tools for Matchington Mansion actually work. That’s where we come in, we’re going to do all the hard work for you, and test these coin generators out. We’ll report back to you with the results and let you know if it’s possible to get free coins through the use of hacking software.

Cliff notes (summary)

If you don’t have time to read the entire article, that’s fine. We’ll leave a summary of what we’ve discovered here. Of course, we do recommend you to check out the whole thing, but it’s completely up to you.

  • Matchington Mansion cheats do not work. We’ve tested them all out and none of them will give you any free coins, lives or stars. They’re a big waste of time.
  • Cheat codes do not work either.
  • There is only 1 guaranteed working method of obtaining free coins. It doesn’t involve any hacking. We’ve written a guide that’ll teach you this method, which you can find by clicking here or scrolling to the bottom of the page.
  • If you’re Android player, it might be possible to get coins by using a hacked APK. However, we cannot guarantee that these are safe to use or whether they actually work. If you choose to try them out, do so with caution.

Is it possible to hack Matchington Mansion?

Finding cheats for this game is easy. If you’ve been looking for ways to get free coins in Matchington Mansion then you’ve probably stumbled across them. Usually they look similar to this:

matchington mansion hack tool screenshot
When you find websites that offer cheats, they usually look like this.

Maybe the one you’ve found looks a bit different, but it doesn’t matter. They all work in the exact same way: not at all.

We’ve tested every single website that claims to have working cheats for Matchington Mansion and came to the conclusion that none of them work at all. We tested them by following every step on their generator, but with no success. We ended up with the exact same amount of stars and coins that we started with.

These websites try really hard to convince you that their hack tool will work. Usually they contain some sort of “proof” that the stars and coins will be delivered into your account. This can be a video that shows the hack in action, a screenshot of thousands of coins and stars in an account, a “live” chat box or as you can see in the image above: a recent activity window.

All these “proof” aspects of these sites are just as fake as the hacks themselves. The videos are edited in Adobe After Effects, the screenshots are edited and the other elements are simply put there by the owner of the website.

Don’t let it fool you. As we’ve said, we’ve done the testing and NONE of them worked in the slightest. If you see nay website that claims that you can obtain thousands of coins and stars with the click of a button, run away as fast as you can or prepare to end up disappointed.

About cheat codes

In addition to generators, there’s also websites that take a different approach: cheat codes. They claim to have working cheat codes that you can enter and get coins and stars for free. This sounds nice in theory, but doesn’t work.

You see, in order for cheat codes to work the developers of the game have to specifically code them into the game. Cheat codes don’t exist by accident. No sensible game developer is going to add cheat codes that unlock in-app purchases for free. They’d lose out on huge amounts of money because nobody would pay for coins any more.

Add to that the fact that you cannot even enter these supposed cheat codes anywhere in Matchington Mansion and you can see why they’re useless.

But it is possible to obtain free coins in Matchington Mansion, if you’re willing to spend a bit more time than pressing a few buttons on a generator. Keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly how.

How to get free coins legitimately

While cheat codes and hack tools for Matchington Mansion don’t work in the slightest there is 1 way to get coins for free. This is the only working method of obtaining free coins, and we’re going to share it with you.

Of course, this method will take a bit more time, but it’s still rather easy to get free coins this way. Oh, and it’s not some basic gameplay tips & tricks. We’ll go over those too, but they’re not a part of the guide.

To explain the method to you properly we’ve made a guide. The guide is available for free and you can simply follow the steps in it to get the coins you need. It works on both Android and iOS and doesn’t require any jailbreaking, rooting or anything of the sort.

If you want to learn the only working method of obtaining free coins in Matchington Mansion click the button below to access our free guide.

Matchington Mansion free coins guide

About modded/hacked APKs

Modded APKs are only available for Android devices. These modded APKs are a modified version of the game that allow the player to have special benefits. Some of these hacked APKs claim that you’ll have unlimited coins when you use them. There are several websites to be found that offer these.

However, we can’t guarantee that these modded APKs are safe to use. They could be malicious since you don’t download them through the official Google Play Store.

If you’re willing to take the risk, they could be a good option of obtaining free coins, but we can’t recommend them since we haven’t tried them.

Tips & Tricks

If you’re looking for some tips and tricks for Matchington Mansion, we’ve got you. We’ll share 3 tips here that can come in handy for new players. Some of these tips can also get you some free coins, but the amount you can get through them is limited, and quite a bit lower than the amount you can get by using our guide.

Connecting to Facebook for coins

If you’re just starting out in Matchington Mansion the best way to get some free coins is by connecting your game to Facebook. This only takes a few seconds and by doing so you’ll be granted 500 coins for free.

Special tiles

Just like many other match 3 games Matchington Mansion contains special tiles. Special tiles can be added to the board by matching more than 3 in a row or squares/t-shapes.

However, you shouldn’t always blindly just clear the special tiles ASAP. Sometimes it can be a good idea to save a couple of them and match them with each other. When you do this you can clear a lot of the board, which if obviously a good idea to do.

In addition, sometimes you don’t want to clear them at all. If you end the level with special tiles left on the board you’ll receive better rewards. For that reason sometimes it can be smart to leave them on the board.

Saving your moves

To build on saving special tiles, you should also try to use as few moves as possible. If you have moves left over at the end of the level they’ll turn into special tiles which will give you better rewards once you finish the level.

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