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Marvel Strike Force Cheats – Unlimited Power Cores + Gold

marvel strike force

Marvel Strike Force is one of the most popular action games. The game was released in 2018 by Foxnext and became an instant hit. However, many people need free Power Cores and Gold. For that reason many people are looking for hacks. Today we’re going to look into Marvel Strike Force Cheats and find out if any of them are legit.

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe and enjoy games that take place in the Marvel universe then you’ve probably heard of Marvel Strike Force. The game is a ton of fun to play, especially for Marvel Fans.

However, while playing you will quickly notice that you run out of power cores and gold quite frequently.

In order to remedy this a lot of players look for a way to cheat in Marvel Strike Force. The sites that you find when looking for hacks usually have a generator on them. They claim that you can obtain an unlimited amount of gold and power cores at the click of a button. But do they really work? Is it really that simply to obtain unlimited power cores and gold in Marvel Strike Force?

Hacking Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force

There are many sites out there that offer hacks for Marvel Strike Force. These sites usually look quite legit. They have a convincing looking generator on their website and sometimes they even have a live chat or comment section where people boast about the amount of free power cores and gold they have received through the use of the generator.

In addition, sometimes the generator is accompanied by a YouTube video that shows the resources being added to the account in real time.

Overall, they try very hard to convince you that their generator will work, and they do a pretty decent job at it.

However, the reality is a bit more disappointing.

The fact of the matter is that while these sites might look legit, they do not work. We know this because we have tested them all out. Every single hack for Marvel Strike Force is exactly the same. They claim that simply pressing a button will get you the power cores and gold you’re after. But before you can obtain these resources they force you to either download an app or complete a survey.

However, once you do so you will not receive anything at all. None of the cheats for Marvel Strike Force actually work. Do not waste your time on them. Even if they did work your account would be banned in no time so it would definitely not be safe.

Check out our video where we demonstrate what happens when you use those Marvel Strike Force Cheats:

But do not fret, it is possible to obtain free power cores and gold in Marvel Strike Force Legitimately!

How to obtain power cores and gold for free

After testing all the Marvel Strike Force Hack Tools and coming to the conclusion that they don’t work we didn’t want to leave you empty handed. Luckily we knew of a powerful method to obtain power cores and gold for free that actually works.

To explain this method to you properly we have created a free guide that will show you our method step by step. You can just follow along with the steps in the guide and obtain the resources very easily.

Our guide is available completely free of charge. The method we detail in it will work on both the Android and iOS version of Marvel Strike Force.

Stop trying to hack Marvel Strike Force, you’ll just end up wasting your time. Our guide contains the only legitimate method of obtaining free power cores and gold. Click the blue button below to access our guide.

Marvel Strike Force Power Cores and gold guide

What is Marvel Strike Force?

Marvel Strike Force is a turn-based RPG created by Foxnext. It’s available for both Android and iPhone devices and has millions of players on both platforms. The game has been well received by critics and players alike and has a large fanbase.

In Marvel Strike Force you can collect characters from the Marvel Universe and use them to battle the forces of Ultimus. You can unlock characters through gameplay but also through in-app purchases. Power Cores are the main in-app purchase in Marvel Strike Force, and have numerous uses in the game. Therefore they are very important.

As we’ve mentioned there are many websites that offer cheats to obtain these power cores, but they do not work. Our guide does, so we recommend you to check it out if you’re running low on power cores.

The game has a campaign mode and several sub-plots which keep players engaged for quite a long time.


Once you have acquired the characters you also have the option to upgrade them. You can upgrade their abilities, gear, rank and level. When you upgrade these attributes of a character their power level will increase and they will become stronger.

In order to upgrade your characters you need shards and gold. Every character can reach a maximum level of 7 stars. The cost of upgrading gradually increases the higher you go. At first it’s quite cheap but the later stars can become highly expensive.

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