Marvel Puzzle Quest Cheats and Hack – Everything you need to know

The truth about Marvel Puzzle Quest Cheats

Marvel Puzzle quest is our favorite game in the Marvel Universe. The game is hugely popular among both Android and iOS Marvel Fans and for good reason. The game is a blast to play and very addicting. Since Marvel Puzzle Quest is so popular it comes at no surprise that there are tons of people that are looking for cheats or hacks. They want to obtain ISO-8 and Hero points for free, and we completely understand that.

If you’re one of those people that’s been looking for Marvel Puzzle Quest cheats then you’re probably curious whether or not these hacks actually work. Can they really give you free ISO-8, Command Points and Hero Points?

We’ll answer that question in today’s post. We’ll test every single Marvel Puzzle Quest hack website that we can find and we will let you know whether or not they work. That way you can save yourself the headache of testing out dozens of different websites.

But beware; here on TapTapGaming we’ve done similar experiments for other games. It’s very likely that we find out that it’s impossible to hack Marvel Puzzle Quest. But don’t worry, if that’s the case then we will find an alternative method that you can use to obtain free ISO-8, Command Points and Hero Points!

Is it possible to Hack Marvel Puzzle Quest?

The first step we took to find out if it’s possible to obtain free command points, ISO-8 and Hero Points through the use of hacks is search if any websites exist that offer hacks. In one single search we literally found dozens of videos and websites that offered us their generator. They claimed that they could add an unlimited amount of ISO-8, Command Points and Hero Points to our account with the click of a button. This seemed a little too good to be true but most of the YouTube videos that we found had video proof of the resources being added to the account so we were curious to find out if they actually worked.

We decided to test them out to see if any of them actually delivered the resources into our account.

Testing the Cheats for Marvel Puzzle Quest

As we’ve told you, we found dozens of websites and YouTube videos that offered hacks and cheats. But we’ll not go over them one by one. This will take up too much of your time and we’re not here to waste your time.

We’ll give an overview of one of the hacks that we tested to give you an idea of what you can expect from the average Marvel Puzzle Quest Hacking Tool.

The hacks that you find usually look like the image above. They have minor differences but are largely the same. They ask you for your username, whether you play on Android or iOS and how many hero points and iso-8 you want to receive.

You can then press the hack now button and a console window will pop up that appears to be adding the resources to your account.

Once this generator is done processing you will be asked to complete a survey every single time. They claim that this is to verify that you are a human and not a bot. However, in reality the owners of the website get money from advertisers for every survey that you complete.

The websites that offer hacks for Marvel Puzzle Quest claim that the resources you generated will be added once you complete the human verification, but is this really the case? Let’s find out.

Did the Marvel Puzzle Quest Hack Tool work?

That’s the real question. The generator might look fancy and legitimate but did it work? Did we receive any resources in our account?

After we completed the human verification we booted up the game to check if we had received any command points, ISO-8 or Hero Points. When we launched the game we were met with nothing but disappointment. Not a single resource had been added to our account. We had simply wasted our time.

Did any of the other hacks work?

Make no mistake, we didn’t just test this single hack. We tested every single hack website out there. And believe us, there are many. None of them work. Once you complete the human verification you won’t receive anything at all.

We also found websites that offer cheat codes. These cheat codes do not work either. In fact, you can’t even enter cheat codes anywhere in Marvel Puzzle Quest. You can’t do anything with them, they’re completely useless.

You don’t have to take our word for it, you can go ahead and test them out yourself. But don’t be disappointed when you come to the conclusion that you’ve wasted your time.

But as we’ve promised, we have an alternative method that you can use to obtain free ISO-8, Hero Points and Command Points. Curious how? Keep on reading and we’ll tell you exactly how.

How to get free ISO-8, Hero Points and Command Points in Marvel Puzzle Quest

By now you’re probably curious how you can get all these resources for free if hacks and cheats do not work. Well, after we figured out that hacks do not work we set out to find our own method. And we succeeded.

The method that we discovered through countless of hours of trial and error is honestly amazing. You can obtain as many free resources as you desire completely for free. And best of all, the method is easy and quite fast.

We decided to write a guide to teach our readers exactly how to replicate our technique for themselves. Our guide will show you exactly what steps you need to take to obtain the resources you need. And don’t worry, our guide does not contain some basic tips that you can find elsewhere on the internet. The method that we will share with you in our guide is not available anywhere else online.

The method in our guide works on both the Android and iPhone version of the game. It also does not require you to jailbreak or root your phone. Also, the guide is available to our readers completely for free.

You have nothing to lose by using our guide. It’s the only legitimate way of obtaining the resources that you’re after.

Stop wasting your time attempting to hack Marvel Puzzle Quest. It’s simply impossible. Our guide is the next best thing and is the only thing you’ll ever need. Click the big blue button below to start learning our method today.


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