Magic Rush Heroes Free Diamonds

Magic Rush Heroes Free Diamonds

Magic Rush is an insanely addicting strategy for Android and iOS. In Magic Rush: Heroes you have to assemble your league of heroes and battle your enemies. The game has multiplayer available as well. We really enjoy the game but there was a pressing issue that we kept running into while playing the game. We kept running out of diamonds. Getting diamonds in the game is quite frustrating. Unless you purchase them from the available in-app purchases of course. However, purchasing diamonds with real money gets expensive fast. You might think that paying $0,99 for 30 diamonds is not that much, but the more diamonds you want the more you have to pay.

If you want 3000 diamonds be prepared to shell out $100. We thought that was crazy. That’s why we looked on the internet for ways to get free diamonds for Magic Rush: Heroes. If you’ve found our webpage then you’re most likely looking for the same thing. Luckily for you, you will not have to do the research yourself. We have already researched all the methods there are to obtain free diamonds in Magic Rush: Heroes and tested them.

Magic Rush Heroes Cheats & Hacks

In our search for a way to get free diamonds in Magic Rush: Heroes we stumbled upon several websites and YouTube videos that claim they have a Magic Rush hack. However, when we tested their hacks and cheats it quickly became clear that their “generators” were complete bogus. Their only goal is to get you to complete a survey. You will not receive the diamonds they promise you. Some of the sites we looked at were pretty convincing. They had a lot of “proof” but these proof images and videos are completely fake as well!

Think about it, if it really was so simple to obtain free diamonds in Magic Rush Heroes as pressing a button and watching them flow in nobody would pay for them any more. Even if it was possible to create such a hack, the developers of the game would patch it in no time because of how much money they would miss out on.

Our Guide to obtaining free diamonds

However, just because these websites that claim they have a working Magic Rush Hack are fake does not mean that there are no legit ways to obtain free diamonds. As we’ve mentioned before we spent a lot of time and research to find ways to get diamonds that actually work. We then tested all these methods and created a guide of the best working ways to get free diamonds. This guide we created we’re offering to you completely for free!

We were fed up with all these websites misleading and scamming people that want free diamonds, that’s why we wanted our guide to be available to anyone.

No longer will you have to wonder how to get free diamonds in Magic Rush Heroes. Our guide will lead the way and show you exactly what you have to do to get diamonds in Magic Rush heroes without having to spend a penny! In fact, the methods we reveal in our guide are so effective that the top players use these methods on a daily basis to get free diamonds.

In addition, our guide will work on both Android and iPhone devices. Stop looking for a get-rich-quick scheme in Magic Rush Heroes and follow our guide instead. Using fake hacks and cheats is simply a waste of time. Our guide is proven to work and is the only way to get free diamonds in Magic Rush Heroes.

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