Last Shelter Survival Hacks & Cheats – The Truth about free diamonds generators

Last Shelter Survival Cheats

We started playing Last Shelter Survival a few days ago. The game is one of the most fun games that we’ve ever played. However, since the game is based on the freemium model it’s not as fun if you keep running out of diamonds. You can purchase diamonds from the Google Play Store if you play on Android or the iOS App Store if you play on iPhone but they can get expensive. A box of diamonds costs $100 and even if you decide to purchase that you will run out of diamonds in no time. That’s why we decided to do research about Last Shelter Survival Cheats.

In today’s post we will answer any question we you might have about cheats for Last Shelter Survival. We will find out whether there are any, and if they work. If we find any working cheats we will also let you know if they are safe to use.

In the scenario where we can’t find working cheats or hacks for Last Shelter Survival (which is very likely) we will attempt to find alternative methods of obtaining free diamonds. But first let’s talk a little bit more about the game to see what it’s all about.

What is Last Shelter Survival?

Last Shelter Survival is a city building game for Android and iPhone. The game is available for both smartphones and tablets. It’s a huge success among mobile gamers and has many dedicated players. The game is developed and published by IM30. It has received great reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on both Android and iOS which is very high.

Last Shelter Survival takes place during a zombie apocalypse. There is a small group of survivors and you are their leader. It is your objective to build up your base and to protect it from zombies which surround the base on all sides. You can also be attacked by other players which makes the game even more challenging. The game has great graphics which makes it very immersive.

The city building aspect of the game reminds us a bit of Forge of Empires, but in a modern, zombie apocalypse setting. However, the game is still very unique in its own way. If you’re a fan of survival games then this is definitely one to download.

While the game is certainly enjoyable to play the fact that it’s freemium can seriously hinder your progress. Diamonds are very necessary and are hard to come by. It’s therefore not surprising that some many people have tried to find Last Shelter Survival Cheats. Today we want to answer all the questions that people have about cheats for Last Shelter Survival so let’s get started.

Do Last Shelter Survival Hacks work?

We started our research with the question whether hacks exist. The answer to this question was easily found by searching on the internet. We found several websites that offered diamond generators and hacks, but we weren’t sure whether they would actually work so we decided to put them to the test. We will share the results of our tests here.

Testing the first Last Shelter Survival Cheats we found

The first website we found in our search for cheats looked like this:

last shelter survival hack 1

It looks pretty legitimate at first glance. It even says you can only generate a maximum of 10,000 diamonds per day. We put this generator to the test to see if it would actually deliver the diamonds into our account. We entered our username and pressed the generate button that appeared. When we did this a progress bar appeared which made it seem even more legitimate.

last shelter survival progress bar

However, once this progress bar finished loading we were asked to complete their human verification.

last shelter survival hack 2

We went through the steps on their human verification and then we opened Last Shelter Survival to see if the diamonds had appeared. They didn’t appear in our account so we thought that maybe it would take a little bit before they were added. However, when we checked back on our account 2 hours later we still didn’t receive any diamonds!

This website with Last Shelter Survival Cheats obviously did not seem to work, but to be sure we did one last test. In this last test we entered a fake username on their generator. The fake username that we entered was one that we were completely sure belonged to no account. If the generator said that it still added diamonds to this account we could be completely sure that it was fake. After all, it shouldn’t be able to add diamonds to a non-existing account.

When we entered to random fake username it still said it added the diamonds. That’s when we knew for sure that this diamond generator was nothing but a scam and a waste of time.

Testing the second diamond generator

So we concluded that the first Last Shelter Survival Cheats website that we found did not work. The second generator website that we tested looked like this:

last shelter survival cheats 1

As you can see it looks quite different than the first website. The first thing we noticed about this website was that it had a chat box. This made us believe that this Last Shelter Survival Hack might actually be legitimate. So we decided to try it out once again.

We entered our username and went through all the steps again. However, after we completed their survey we were once again disappointed. We didn’t receive a single diamond in our account when we checked a few hours later.

We did our check with the completely random account again and once again the website claimed that it had added diamonds to an account that didn’t exist. So we were completely sure that this diamond hack was completely fake too.

We were curious about the chat box that was on their site but upon closer investigation it seemed like there were just prewritten messages appearing in it. Every time you refreshed the page the same messages would appear. The chat box was just there to trick people into believing their generator was real. We must admit that it’s pretty clever and that it can convince a lot of people to believe that this website could actually work.

Did you find any working cheats at all?

No, we didn’t. We tested every single Last Shelter Survival Cheats website that we could find through the same steps that we showed you above, but we won’t bore you by writing about all of them. They all come down to the same thing: they claim that they can add unlimited diamonds to your account but in the end you will not receive a single thing. They’re all just a huge waste of time and you should not use them. Once you’ve tried one of them you basically know the outcome for the rest of them. The end result is that you can’t hack Last Shelter Survival in any way.

But still, we knew that it had to be possible somehow to obtain free diamonds. After a lot of time and effort we finally found a way to get free diamonds in Last Shelter Survival. If you want to learn more about how you can obtain free diamonds without the use of hacks and cheats then keep on reading.

How to obtain free diamonds legitimately

last shelter survival free diamonds

Once we came to the conclusion that it’s impossible to obtain free diamonds through the use of Last Shelter Survival Cheats we decided to try an alternative route. We wanted to find a method to obtain diamonds for free without cheats.

This was easier said than done, and we searched through reddit, forums, YouTube videos and countless websites to find a working method. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything that worked. Every method that we tried was either outdated or took way too long to give you the diamonds to be viable.

That’s when we tried to figure out a way to obtain the diamonds on our own. This was even harder than we thought, but eventually we managed to do it. The method that we discovered is amazing. You can obtain diamonds very fast when you use it and it’s completely free!

We wrote a guide to teach all of our readers exactly how to do the method that we found. It’s very easy to do the method when you use our guide. You simply follow the steps that we tell you in the guide and you will have the resources you want in no time. You will not find this method anywhere else.

Before releasing it we tested our guide to see if it works on both Android and iPhone and it works amazingly well on both platforms.

If you’re ready to stop wasting your time on Last Shelter Survival Hack Tools and want to get a real edge in the game then simply click the big blue button below to learn how to obtain the resources you’re after. It’s completely free.

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  1. I quit playing Last Shelter a while back but now that you’ve written a guide on it I might check it out again. I quit playing because of how much the diamonds cost and how important they are. If I can get them for free then I might play again 🙂

  2. Wow, finally a website that is honest about last shelter survival hacks. there are so many websites like the ones that you tested that i completely gave up hope of obtaining diamonds for free, going to test your guide now, hope it’s gonna be good

  3. my friend showed me this site, so glad he did. i wasted so much time already on other sites that claimed i could get unlimited diamonds with their generator. thanks for revealing the truth about them!


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