KingsRoad Hack and Cheats – Do they really give you free Gems & Gold?

The Truth About KingsRoad Cheats and Hacks

KingsRoad is a mobile RPG that’s quite popular on Android and iPhone. The game is free to play and is a ton of fun. But it’s even more fun if you have a lot of gems and gold. Due to the game’s popularity and the importance of gems and gold in the game it’s not surprising that there are a ton of people that are looking for ways to hack KingsRoad. They want to obtain gems without paying for them. If you’re on our website then you’re probably one of those people. But is it even possible to hack KingsRoad?

In today’s article we will uncover the truth about KingsRoad Cheats. We’ll find out whether or not hacks for the game exist, and if they exist we’ll put them to the test to see if they actually work. If we come to the conclusion that hacks for KingsRoad do not work then we’ll find an alternative method that you can use to obtain the gems you need. Every question you’ve ever had about KingsRoad Hacking Tools will be answered. So without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into it.

Is it possible to Hack KingsRoad?

In order to answer the question whether KingsRoad Hacks actually work we first had to find websites that offer hacks for KingsRoad. Fortunately, this was not hard to do. There a literally dozens of websites, YouTube videos and Facebook Pages out there on the internet that claim they can add unlimited gems to your account with the click of a button.

Now for the long and tedious part we had to test them all out. This is a time consuming process but it has to be done. If you’ve been on the hunt for free gems in KingsRoad for a while then the following image might look familiar to you.

It’s what these KingsRoad unlimited gem generators usually look like. They don’t all look exactly the same, there are slight design differences but they have a lot of similarities. They always ask for your username and how many gems and gold you want to generate.

Testing the hack

In order to test the hack we went through the steps on the generator. We entered our username, connected our account and specified the amount of gems that we wanted to receive (we went with 1 million because why not).

Once we entered everything we clicked the generate button and the hack tool seemed to be processing our request. All seems good, right? But once the generating process was completed we were required to verify that we were human through completing a survey.

We completed the survey and the KingsRoad Hack website said that the gems had been added to our account, sweet right? Not so fast, when we booted up the game and checked our gems and gold we noticed that not a single gem or gold had been added to our account!

This was quite the disappointment to say the least, but it’s not uncommon. If you’re familiar with our website then you know that this is pretty much always the case.

Do any KingsRoad Hacks work?

We didn’t just test this single hack that we showed you. We went ahead and tested every single KingsRoad hack that we could find, and there are a ton of them. We’re not going to go over all of them because unlike those hack websites we don’t want to waste your time. They’re all the same. They promise that you will receive unlimited free gems in your KingsRoad account but in reality you will receive nothing once you complete their human verification.

The honest truth is that none of these KingsRoad Cheats work at all. They’re all just a waste of time and exist solely to get you to complete their human verification.

But what about Cheat Codes for KingsRoad?

During our research into KingsRoad hacks we also found some websites that offered us cheat codes that we could supposedly enter into the game to receive free gems. However, after doing some more digging we quickly realized that you cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in the game. These websites seem to just type in random numbers and letters and pretend that it’s a cheat code in order to lure visitors to their website.

However, while it’s impossible to obtain free gems through the use of hacks or cheat codes we managed to create an alternative method of obtaining gems. If you’re curious how then keep reading.

How to get free gems in KingsRoad

Here at TapTapGaming we’re no strangers at developing methods to obtain premium currencies for free. In fact, at the time of writing this we’ve written guides for HonorBound¬†and over 60 others. This experience came in very useful when we realized that we couldn’t use hacks or cheats to obtain the gems we needed.

That being said, it still was not easy to create a working method. It took a ton of time and effort but after a long time we finally managed to do it. The method that we created is fast and easy. And above all, there is no limit to how many gems you can obtain through using it.

We’ve created a very useful guide that contains our method and will teach you step-by-step how to do it. Following our guide is very simple and the guide is available for free.

Before releasing the guide we’ve also done some testing to see if it works on both Android and iOS, and it works flawlessly on both. You also won’t be breaking any game rules when you follow our guide, so no worries about your account getting banned!

If you’re ready to stop wasting your time on websites that claim they can generate unlimited gems into your account through the use of hacks and want to learn how to obtain gems then our guide is right for you. Simply click the big button below and take advantage of our foolproof guide.

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