Jurassic World Alive Tips, Tricks and Player Guide

We’re back with another guide! This time we want to show you some tips and tricks for Jurassic World alive. We are addicted to this game too, and we want to share with you some of the best tips and tricks we have discovered so far.

Since we have spent a decent amount of time playing this game, it’s safe to say that we’ve learned a lot; from basic tips to advanced strategies, if you are a beginner or intermediate player this information will be of great help for you.

We will break down this article in several categories in order to provide you with tips in every aspect of the game. Let’s get started!

Darts and batteries

The two items you will need in order to capture your dinosaurs are darts and batteries for your drone. A limited number of these items are provided, and each can only be used until the drone’s battery becomes drained. After which it will need to be recharged, so you have to be smart and learn their proper usage to get the most out of them. The first thing that you have to take into account is that the battery doesn’t start running out until you shoot your first dart, and the dinosaur doesn’t move either. This means you have enough time to think where you are going to shoot first and aim directly for the bull’s eye. To progress faster it’s fundamental that you always hit the bulls eye with your first dart.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the distance. If a dinosaur is too far away from you, your drone will use up too much battery moving there, so you will have less battery available, hence less time to shoot darts.

But don’t be afraid to miss the bull’s eye and spend a little more darts. It’s often better to get a little damage many times than to miss trying to hit a bull’s eye. Expert players are used to hit on the bulls eye very quickly, but don’t worry too much about it, you will improve with time.

Combat and Strategy

It’s important that you follow these tips to have more chances to win battles on Jurassic World Alive:

  • Speed is important for your dinosaurs to attack first, always keep a fast dinosaur in your team to have the possibility of attacking first.
  • When two dinos of the same level and speed fight, the one who presses the attack button first, attacks first.
  • You can check your opponent’s statistics by holding your finger on their dinosaurs. This will give you an idea of what strategy you should use and how much damage you can cause. But don’t rely on damage prediction too much, just use it as a reference, since dinosaur’s special abilities are a totally game changer.
  • Vulnerability attack (cloak) increases the damage of all your dinosaurs, try to have dinosaurs such as the Indominus rex or the Erlidominus in your team and keep them alive until the end of the fight, this will give you a huge advantage since the cloak ability multiplies the attack of all your dinosaurs times 2.

Location and time tips

Going outside is not absolutely necessary to catch dinosaurs (new dinosaurs appear every 30-60 minutes). However, it’s recommended to hike around to have a wider variety of available dinosaurs and to capture more dinosaurs quicker.

If you don’t feel like taking walks to catch dinosaurs you can use the trick of going in a vehicle as a passenger (on a friend’s car, a bus, etc). Jurassic World Alive doesn’t have speed lock, which means that even if the vehicle is moving, you can capture them as they appear, with absolutely no problem.

Capture dinosaur in different times of the day

In Jurassic World Alive, different dinosaurs appear in the morning and night. During the day you usually get herbivores and during night you usually will get carnivores. There are also dinosaurs that appear at specific places such as parks, schools, gas stations, hospitals and banks. Therefore, it’s very important that you move around to get access to a wide variety of dinosaurs.

There are also daily dinosaurs that only appear in specific days, so, try to play all days of the week to catch different breeds.

You can find a complete guide to all the dinosaurs you can get depending on the time and location here.


Playing PVP is a good way to get DNA on Jurassic World Alive. If you win you get incubators that give a ton of rewards. There are some basic strategies that you might consider if you want to be a good PVP player:

  1. Only switch dinosaurs in battles when it’s absolutely necessary, when you switch you lose your turn.
  2. Don’t use your special attack on dinos with low HP, save it for the next dinosaur to cause more damage.
  3. Create a balanced team that has all the traits dinosaurs can possibly have: Speed, strength, damage power and armor.


Try not to skip out on the events. When you participate in them you will be able to find rare, epic and even legendary unique dinosaurs.  Most of these dinosaurs might not be able to compete in the top league but since they are very rare, you can use them to make amazing and unique fusions that can’t be made with non-event dinosaurs.

VIP benefits

Although the VIP program will cost you money, it is worth to acquire it if you want to progress faster. It will provide you with the following benefits:

  • 1 epic incubator worth $25.
  • Increased drone battery (more time to get DNA from dinos).
  • Drone launch range increased from 150 meters to 200 meters.
  • Increased chance of receiving more cash through supply drops.

It is possible to get VIP, cash and other premium resources for free. If you’re interested in learning how to do, check out our post about cheating in Jurassic World Alive.


That’s all the tips and tricks for Jurassic World Alive we have for you today. We hope they’re helpful for you. If you have any suggestions that you want us to add to this guide feel free to leave a comment.

If you want to check out Jurassic World Alive you can find the Android app here and the iOS version can be found here.

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