Ikemen Sengoku:Otome Game

Ikemen Sengoku:Otome Game Cheats – Free Coins [Android/iOS]

Ikemen Sengoku:Otome Game

Today we’re going to be covering Ikemen Sengoku Cheats. Ikemen Sengoku: Otome Game is quite a fun game available for both Android and iOS. However, if you really want to get the most out of the game you can’t get around the need for coins.

Coins are the main in-game currency in Ikemen Sengoku. These coins can be obtained through in-app purchases but can cost a pretty penny. Since the coins are so important to fully enjoying the game it’s not surprising that a lot of people have been looking for cheats for Ikemen Sengoku. They believe that cheats will allow them obtain coins without having to pay for them.

While finding websites that offer cheat codes or hacks for the game isn’t that hard, the real question is whether any of these sites really work. The only way to find this out is by testing them all so that’s exactly what we did.

We’ll share our findings with you and tell you everything you need to know about cheating in Ikemen Sengoku.

Do any cheats or hacks for Ikemen Sengoku really work?

There are several websites out there that claim that they can hack Ikemen Sengoku and add unlimited coins to your account with the click of a button. These sites usually have a generator on their site where you can enter your username and the amount of coins that you want to generate.

They’re also quite often accompanied by proof that their hack really works. This proof can be in the from of videos, images or comments. While you might think that these generators will work, the truth is that none of them do.

We have tested every single one of these Ikemen Sengoku: Otome Game Hack sites and have not received a single coin from any of them. Do not fall for those websites, you won’t receive anything from them no matter how legitimate they look.

We’ve created a video that you can check out where we show you what happens when you use one of those hacks for Ikemen Sengoku:

Hacking Ikemen Sengoku is not possible. The amount of coins you have is stored on the CYBIRD servers. This means that in order for a hack for the game to work it would have to hack the game servers. This is nearly impossible and is the reason why none of these Ikemen Sengoku Hack tools work.

Cheat codes

You might think that cheat codes can be a good option to obtain free coins. Unfortunately this is not the case. While there are places online where you can find cheat codes, the truth is that none of them actually work.

You cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in Ikemen Sengoku so cheat codes are not the way to go if you want to obtain free coins.

However, it is possible to obtain free coins in Ikemen Sengoku! Keep reading to find out how.

How to get free coins in Ikemen Sengoku

While cheat codes and hacks do not work, obtaining free coins is easier than you might think. Of course, it’ll take a bit more effort than pressing a button on a generator or entering a cheat code in the game, but at least this method actually works.

We’ve discovered this method and were surprised by how easy and quick it is to get coins through it. It doesn’t take much time at all and is very easy to do.

To explain the method we’ve created a guide that will teach our technique to you step by step. You can simply use our guide, follow the steps in it and obtain all the free coins you’ll ever need.

Our guide works on both the Android and iPhone version of Ikemen Sengoku and it doesn’t require you to root or jailbreak your device. The guide is also available completely for free.

Stop wasting your time trying to find Ikemen Sengoku Hacks. None of these cheats or hacks work. If you really want to obtain free coins then our guide is your best option. Click the button below to get started.

Free coins guide for Ikemen Sengoku

What is Ikemen Sengoku:Otome Game?

Ikemen Sengoku is a mobile game for Android and iPhone that was released in Japanese first but has recently been released in English.

In the game you save Oda Nobunaga from dying and now you have to spend 3 months in Japan surrounded by handsome ninja’s and samurai. However, you cannot fall in love with them.

Ikémen Sengoku: Romances Across Time has been made into an Anime, a manga series and even stage plays.

Every day you receive 5 chapter tickets for free that allow you to progress further into the story.


Ikemen Sengoku:Otome Game is a very fun game. However, the game becomes a lot more enjoyable when you have a lot of coins available. Unfortunately Cheat codes and hacks do not work.

Luckily, there’s an alternative method to obtain coins for free through the use of our guide. In our guide we’ll teach you the only working method of obtaining coins completely for free.

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