Idle Heroes Cheats and Hacks (Obtain free gold and gems)

Idle Heroes Cheats

Hello TapTapGamers! We’ve had a lot of requests from our readers to do some research into Idle Heroes Cheats. Since we always take your requests into consideration we decided to start looking into the topic immediately. We’re big fans of Idle Heroes ourselves and idle games in general. In this post we will cover whether Idle Heroes Cheats exist. Furthermore, we will go over whether you should use them. We will also cover if there are other ways to obtain free gold and gems in the game. But first, let’s talk a little bit about the game itself for those who are unfamiliar with Idle Heroes.

What is Idle Heroes?

Idle Heroes is an idle online game on Android and iPhone. It’s a little different from other idle games because it’s also an RPG. The game is focused around creating your heroes and battling. The game has millions of players. It has a rating of 4.7 stars on Android and also 4.7 stars on iPhone. This is a very good rating, which is indicative of how fun the game is.

The game boasts over 200 heroes and they all have their own individual skills. What we really enjoy about idle games such as Idle Heroes is that you can train your heroes while you’re not using your phone. You can order your heroes to start training, put your phone away and when you return your heroes will have gotten stronger. This means that you don’t have to grind as much in the game as in other games.

In Idle Heroes there’s a lot to do. You can do dungeons, quests and guild wars. The guild wars especially are really fun because you can do them with your friends. You can create a guild with them and battle over the continent with other guilds. If you’re a fan of idle games then Idle Heroes is definitely one of the better ones.

Are there any working hacks or cheats for Idle Heroes?

Now to get back to the question that our readers were asking us: Are there cheats for Idle Heroes? We did a lot of research into the topic as a result of this question. In our search we found a ton of sites that initially seemed promising. They have nicely designed sites that look very legitimate. If you’ve been searching for cheats or hacks for Idle Heroes for a while you might have seen some of these sites yourself. Unfortunately they’re all fake!

Idle Heroes Cheats
This Idle Heroes Hack Tool looks pretty legit right? Wrong!

As you can see in the image we attached they ask you for your name and the amount of gems and gold you want. Furthermore they ask if you want to use their cheats for Android or iPhone. However, when you enter your username and the amount of gold and gems you want and press generate you will be asked to complete a human verification. When you complete this verification you will not receive the unlimited gems and gold that you’re looking for. Believe us, we’ve tried it.

The biggest way to tell that it’s fake is by entering a username that does not exist. For example, in the image below we entered a completely random username that does not exist, but it still claims it can add the gems and gold. How is it possible to add gold or gems to an account that doesn’t even exist?

Even with a completely random username their generator still asks for the human verification

That’s when we knew for sure that this Idle Heroes Hack was completely fake. Unfortunately there are no working cheats for Idle Heroes. You can’t just press a button and obtain unlimited gems. We were disappointed, but not surprised. In the research that we have done for cheats for other games we always learned that these hacks were fake. For example when we did research into Bitcoin Billionaire Cheats (another idle game) we came to the same conclusion.

However, it is possible to obtain free gold and gems in Idle Heroes!

How to get free gold and gems in Idle Heroes

how to obtain free gold and gems in idle heroes

Since these Idle Heroes Hacks were not working we decided we had to find an alternative. We knew that there had to be some way to obtain free gems and gold. Our search continued. We watched tons of videos and read through tons of forums. It took hours, but we finally found a working method of obtaining free gold and gems in Idle Heroes. It was surprising to find out that obtaining free gold and gems in Idle Heroes was actually easier than we thought!

Once we finally found a working method we decided to create a guide about it for our readers. In our guide we will show you step-by-step what you need to do in order to obtain free gold and gems. We have tested the method we show you extensively and are confident that it will work for you. We personally play Idle Heroes on Android but the method works on iPhone too!

When you use our guide instead of using hacks and cheats you can be assured that you will actually receive gems and gold. Best of all, when you use our guide you don’t have to worry about your account getting banned because you’re not breaking any rules. The method we show you is fast, efficient and completely legitimate. Even if you could use a hack apk for Idle Heroes don’t you think your account would be banned immediately? Play it safe and use our guide instead of risking your account. Hacking Idle Heroes is just not worth it even if it would be possible.

Further, our Idle Heroes Guide is available completely for free! We never charge for any of our guides and this one is no exception. This means that you have nothing to lose by checking out our guide. We’re convinced that you will enjoy what you find.

Stop wasting your valuable time on trying to use cheats for Idle Heroes and use our guide instead. You won’t regret it! The tips & tricks we show you to obtain unlimited gems and gold are extremely hard to find!

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