Hotel Hideaway Cheats, Strategy Guide and Tips for free Diamonds

Hotel Hideaway Cheats

Today we will be covering Hotel Hideaway. We had some requests from some of our readers about Hotel Hideaway Cheats. In this article we will answer all your questions regarding cheats for Hotel Hideaway. We will do research into whether it is possible to hack the game, and whether or not you should use hacks or not. In addition, if we find out that it’s impossible to use hacks for cheats we will search for an alternative method of obtaining diamonds.

But first of all we should talk a little bit about what Hotel Hideaway is. This way our readers who are unfamiliar with the game can learn a little more about it. If you don’t want to read the entire article about our quest for Hotel Hideaway free diamonds then read the the summary.

Summary of our findings
In our research we tested tons of websites that claim they can add unlimited diamonds to your account on Hotel Hideaway. None of them worked. We also found websites that claim they have cheat codes, but there’s no way to enter these cheat codes anywhere. We concluded that it is impossible to hack to hack or cheat in Hotel Hideaway. However, we did find a method of obtaining free diamonds. This method is the only working method to obtain diamonds quick and easily. It took hours to find this method so we wrote an easy to follow guide for our readers which you can find here

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What is Hotel Hideaway?

Hotel Hideaway is a mobile game available for both Android and iPhone by Sulake Corporation. The iPhone version is more popular than the Android version but even on Android it still has over 100,000+ downloads.

The game has good reviews. It has an average rating of 4.7 stars on both Android and iPhone. It’s quite rare for a mobile game to have such high ratings and it’s a testament to how fun the game is.

Hotel Hideaway is an online role playing game. In the game you play as a 3D character and it takes place in a hotel. You can make friends and go on adventures with them. The game is heavily focused on the social aspect.

You can also customize your own room and character. You can change most of the details exactly how you want them ranging from hairstyle to tattoos. It is also possible to invite other players to your room and have a party. Overall it’s quite an an enjoyable game. If you’re into games like Habbo Hotel then this game is definitely for you.

Is it possible to hack Hotel Hideaway?

When we were playing the game it immediately became clear that you need a lot of diamonds if you want to unlock the coolest things. Since Hotel Hideaway is a freemium game this was not surprising to us. What was surprising was how expensive the diamonds can get. If you want a Bathtub of Diamonds you will have to pay $50, which is pretty crazy since it won’t even allow you to unlock everything you want.

We can completely understand why some of our readers asked us to do a write up about Hotel Hideaway Cheats. We started doing research to try to find out if it’s possible to cheat in Hotel Hideaway.

In our search we found a lot of websites that claim they can hack the game for us. They said we just needed to enter our username and the diamonds would start appearing in our account in no time. However, when we went through their human verification we never received any diamonds at all. And it was not just 1 website where this happened. We tried the diamond generators that were advertised on a ton of websites and even YouTube videos and we never received a single diamond.

I guess we should have expected it by now, but all these hacks and cheats were complete fakes. We have to conclude that there are is no working hack for Hotel Hideaway.

We also found a few websites that had so called cheat codes for Hotel Hideaway listed on their websites. Many people wonder how to enter cheat codes in Hotel Hideaway, and we’re here to tell you that you can’t! These websites are complete bogus and just a waste of time.

We were quite disappointed to find out that once again it was impossible to hack Hotel Hideaway. But we did not stop our search. We kept on going and eventually found a way to obtain free diamonds.

How to obtain free diamonds

It took us many hours of deep research and trial and error before we finally figured out a working method of obtaining diamonds. Several times we thought we finally found a method that could work only to be disappointed. However, right as we were about to give up a friend of ours told us about a secret method that he had been using to obtain free diamonds.

We decided to give it a try and were surprised to find out that his method worked. What was even more surprising was how easy and quick this method was to do. It barely took any time at all before we started getting diamonds in our account!

Once we confirmed that the method our friend showed us was working on both Android and iPhone we started working on a guide. Since it’s not possible to use cheat codes in Hotel Hideaway and there are no working hacks we figured our readers would be interested in learning this method.

The method we show you in our guide is easy to follow because we wrote the guide in a step by step format. You can just follow the steps as we describe them in our guide and you will have the diamonds that you’re after in no time!

You also won’t have to worry about your account safety because we have checked and you’re not breaking any of the rules when you use this method. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting your account banned or anything like that when you use the method in our guide.

Best of all, we will release the guide on our website completely for free! You don’t have to download it either, you can just view it right here on our website. We can assure you that the guide will help you obtain the diamonds that you’re after. You will be surprised to find out how easy it can be to get the diamonds that you want.

Stop wasting time on websites that say they can generate unlimited diamonds into your account. You won’t get any diamonds by using Hotel Hideaway Cheats. The only working method is the one shows in our guide. You won’t regret using our guide. The only regret you will have is that you didn’t use it sooner!

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