Hooked Inc. Cheats and Hacks – Unlimited Gems & Weekend Packs

Hooked Inc

Hooked Inc is one of the most popular fishing games for both Android and iPhone by Lion Studio. However, many people are trying to find Hooked Inc cheats to get unlimited gems and weekend packs for free. Let’s take a look at these cheats and see if they really work.

If you’re a fan of fishing or idle games then you probably already know about Hooked Inc. If you don’t then you’re missing out for sure. In Hooked Inc. You can traverse the seas with your boat, catch fish and grow your crew. It’s a simple game, but very well made. The game is quite comparable to games like AdVenture Capitalist and Idle Miner Tycoon.

While the game is fun, it truly becomes a blast when you have a lot of gems and weekend packs. In their search for free gems and weekend packs a lot of people try to cheat in Hooked Inc. In today’s post we’ll tell you the truth about cheating in Hooked Inc.

Cheating in Hooked Inc

At first glance you might think that obtaining weekend packs and gems in Hooked Inc is very simple. After all, there are numerous websites that offer unlimited gem/weekend pack generators. However, we’ve tested all of these generator sites out and have come to a disappointing conclusion.

After testing all these hacks for Hooked Inc we found out that none of them work. All of these sites promise that you will receive an unlimited amount of gems within minutes, but the reality is that you’re just wasting your time.

These hack sites will not give you any gems or weekend packs.

hooked inc cheats

The image you can see above is what these Hooked Inc Cheats usually looked like, but don’t fall for them. They might appear legit but we’ve tested them all and none of them work.

It’s simply not that easy to obtain gems and weekend packs for free, but it is possible. And we’ll tell you exactly how to do it if you keep reading.

Hooked Inc Cheat Codes

You might think that cheat codes are a good alternative to these hacks. We initially thought the same thing. When you look for codes you usually find them on website that show them like this:

  1. Starter Pack: NB_t4FfplhW6J
  2. Handful of Gems: YE_Pspls4Sn0P

However, while these sites offer you codes, they don’t tell you what to do with them.

This is easily explained. The real reason why they do not tell you how to enter these cheat codes is because they’re fake.

You cannot enter them anywhere in Hooked Inc. They’re nothing more than a huge waste of your time. It’s impossible to enter cheat codes anywhere in Hooked Inc so looking for them is honestly pointless.

Nevertheless, it is possible to obtain gems and weekend packs for free in Hooked Inc. We’ll tell you exactly how in the next section.

Obtaining free gems and weekend packs in Hooked Inc

After testing all the cheats and hacks and coming to the conclusion that they don’t work we wanted to share an alternative method with our readers that does work. We’ve found a very effective method of obtaining these resources for free that most players don’t know about.

We’ve written a detailed guide that will show you the exact steps you need to take to obtain the gems and packs. The guide is very easy to follow, you can simply follow the steps to the letter and it will work guaranteed.

The guide will work for both the Android and iPhone version of Hooked Inc, so there’s no need to search for separate versions.

We highly recommend you to check out the guide rather than trying to hack Hooked Inc. It contains the only legitimate method out there and it’s very quick to do. Simply click on the button below and you’ll be brought to our guide.

Hooked Inc guide for free gems and weekend packs

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