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Hollywood Story Cheats

Hello once again TapTapGamers. We received some requests from our readers again. They asked us if we could look into Hollywood Story Cheats. Many people were asking us if it was possible to cheat in Hollywood Story because they need to obtain more diamonds. We have been playing Hollywood Story for a bit now and were also curious whether there were any real cheats available.

In this article we will cover everything about Hollywood Story Cheats and Hacks. All the questions regarding Hollywood Story Cheats will be answered in this article. We will do research to find out if there are any real cheats or hacks for the game. Furthermore, if it’s impossible to hack the game we will try to find an alternative method of obtaining free diamonds.

But first we will talk a little bit about what Hollywood Story is. This way our readers who are unfamiliar with the game can get a feel what the game is like and if they like it they can start playing it themselves.

Summary of the article

In our research we have tested every Hollywood Story Cheats or Hacks that we could find. All of them claim to give you free diamonds but none of them work. It’s impossible to hack the game, but it is possible to obtain free diamonds. After we realized that all the cheats are fake we kept searching for a way to get free diamonds. The searching and testing took hours but we found very quick and easy method of obtaining free diamonds. We wrote a guide to explain this method in detail which is available by clicking the button.

What is Hollywood Story?

Hollywood Story is a role playing game for Android and iPhone developed by Nanobit games. The game is well received by mobile gamers. It has an average rating of 4.7 stars on iPhone and 4.1 stars on Android.

In Hollywood Story your goal is to become a Hollywood star. You start out low, and your objective is to work your way up the ranks. As you do so you unlock more parts of the game. For example, you can unlock Beverly Hills, Manhattan, Las Vegas and other cool locations.

You can also play with friends that also play the game. You can check out the movies they’ve played in, visit their homes and share your accomplishments. The gameplay of Hollywood Story reminds us a lot of Kim Kardashian Hollywood. If you like those types of games then you will definitely like Hollywood Story.

We really enjoyed the gameplay but there was one thing that we didn’t like very much. That thing is that you need a lot of diamonds in order to progress. You can obtain those diamonds through in-app purchases. This can get expensive fast. The XXL pack of Diamonds costs $100!

This was way too expensive in our opinion so we can understand why we received requests from our readers to look into whether there are cheats for Hollywood Story. And so, we began our search for Hollywood Story Cheats.

Are any cheats or hacks for Hollywood Story real?

We found some websites that claimed they had a generator for unlimited diamonds. These websites say they have a Hollywood Story hack and that it works. Maybe you have seen some of these websites. They usually look pretty legitimate, sometimes they even have video proof that their hack works.

We were skeptical about whether these so called hacks could actually work. However, for the purpose of being thorough in our research we decided to try them out.

They claimed that we only needed to enter our username and how many diamonds we wanted. So that’s what we did. However, all of them asked us to complete their human verification as we expected. We went through their human verification process and check the game to see if we received any diamonds.

We waited for about an hour, and surprise, we didn’t receive any diamonds in our account. It was the same story with all of the websites that we tried. We went through their entire process and never received the diamonds that we wanted. It was all a huge waste of time.

However, we did not give up. We knew that it had to be possible to obtain free diamonds some way. After searching and testing methods for hours we finally found something.

How to obtain diamonds for free

hollywood story obtain free diamonds

It was not easy, but after a long time of searching and testing every method under the sun our hard work was rewarded. We finally figured out a method of obtaining free diamonds. We were happy that all our hard work was not for nothing. While it’s not as easy as pressing a button and watching the diamonds roll in it’s still very easy to do. But let’s be honest, when something seems too good to be true it often is. With these Hollywood Story Cheats this is definitely the case.

We then decided to start working on a guide for our readers. The guide we created is easy to follow because it shows you step-by-step what you need to do to obtain as many diamonds as you want for free. We created this guide so you don’t have to waste hours doing research and testing.

Our guide is available to our readers for free. It also works on both the Android and iOS version of the game. We know it works on both platforms because we have tested the method on both. This means that there’s no need to search for separate Hollywood Story Cheats for Android or iPhone. Just use our guide and you’re good to go.

Furthermore, when you use our guide your account is completely safe. Don’t worry about getting banned, because you’re not breaking the rules. The method we show you in our guide is completely legitimate.

Stop wasting your time with hacks for Hollywood Story, they will not give you the diamonds that you want. Our guide is legitimate, and will show you the easiest and fastest way of obtaining diamonds. You’ll be kicking yourself for not using it earlier!

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