High School Story Hacks & Cheats – How to REALLY get free Rings

High School Story Cheats

High School Story is an older game, but it still holds up as one of our favorites. Originally released in 2013, it’s still going strong and is still very popular among its users on both Android and iPhone. However, recently many people have been looking for High School Story Cheats. We imagine that the reason for this is because you run out of rings quite often. You have the option to purchase rings through in-app purchases but this can get expensive very fast. The cheapest package of rings is only $1,99, but the most expensive one is $20 and honestly, they do not last very long if you play often.

That’s the reason why many people nowadays look for cheats for High School Story. But when you search for cheats, you will not find any working ones. All you will find is websites that claim they have a hack, or a generator for the game. They claim that you only have to enter your username and specify how many rings you want and that their generator will do the rest. Unfortunately, once you complete their “human verification” you will be left empty handed.

Luckily for you, just because all these cheats for High School Story are fake does not mean that you have to give up hope. It is possible to obtain free rings in High School story without having to use hacks or cheats.

How to obtain free rings

High School Story Cheats

Obtaining rings in High School story can be done through playing the game normally, but you will not get enough rings that way. While we were playing through the game we noticed that we ran out of rings every few days. We decided to try to find a way to obtain rings for free.

It took a lot of searching and trial and error, but we finally managed to discover a way to obtain rings for free.

We decided to create a guide to explain this method and to release it on our website for free. This way we can save all the other fans of High School Story a lot of time. Our guide works for both the Android and iPhone version of High School Story.

The method we show you in our guide is very quick, simple and most importantly, it’s legitimate. When you use our guide you are not breaking any of the games rules so you won’t have to worry about your account getting banned or anything of the sort.

Furthermore, you don’t have to waste your time on fake generators, hacks and cheats.

You could find the method we explain in our guide yourself, but it will take a lot of time. If you use our guide you will be shown step-by-step how to obtain rings for free. Click the big blue button down below to learn how to obtain free rings in High School Story!

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If you want to learn more about the game, you can always check out the wiki. It’s a very useful resource that can teach you a lot about the game. It answers the most common questions that new players have about the game very well.

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