Hempire Cheats and Hacks – Do Cash and Diamond Generators really work?

Finding the truth about Hempire Hacks

Hempire is one of the highest rated games on both Android and iPhone. Hempire, which was released in August 2016 is still very popular. The game has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on both the App Store and the Play Store. The game is free to play but is monetizes itself with the freemium model. When you put its popularity together with the fact that it’s freemium it’s not surprising that there are many people out there looking for Hempire Hack Tools.

We have to admit that we are curious about Hempire Hacks ourselves. We’ve always wondered if it was possible to obtain free diamonds and cash through the use of generators. Therefore, in today’s post we will find out the truth about Hempire Hack Tools. We’re going to find them, test and see if any of them actually give us any free diamonds and cash. Of course, we’ll share the results of our tests with our readers. That way you don’t have to test them out for yourself.

Now let’s get into it.

Is it possible to hack Hempire?

In order to find out if it’s possible to hack Hempire we first had to find out if any hack tools existed. Luckily for us, there were many sites that offered unlimited diamond generators for Hempire. They were not hard to find because they’re literally everywhere. YouTube, forums, Google, you name it.

However, since there are so many of them it means that we’re going to have to spend a lot of time testing them all out. There’s no way around it, each and every one of them will have to be tested individually. That’s the only way we can give a conclusive answer to the question whether it’s possible to hack Hempire.

Testing the hack

If you’ve been trying to hack Hempire for a while now then the image above might look familiar. Maybe it’s not the exact hack that you’ve tried, but to be honest, they all look very similar. As you can see in the image, we entered our username and the amount of cash and diamonds we wanted to generate.

We then pressed the generate button and it looked like the hack started working on adding the requested resources to our account!

The processing didn’t take very long. After a few seconds the progress bar was completed. However, we were not done there. Before we could receive the requested resources we had to verify that we were human.

Apparently this is to stop abuse of their hack.

So, we went ahead and completed the verification. But did we receive any diamonds and cash afterwards?

Did the hack give us free diamonds and cash?

The site that we tested claimed that we would receive the requested diamonds and cash instantly after the verification was completed. But if you’ve been reading more of our posts then you know that we usually wait a while to check on the game. We do this because we want to give the generator some time to add the resources before writing it off as fake.

After waiting a few minutes we launched up Hempire. We were hoping to see the resources that we requested added to our account but this is not what happened. When we booted up the game we still had the exact same amount of cash and diamonds that we started out with. It was quite the disappointment but we can’t be too surprised. We’ve tested hacks for numerous games like Golf Clash and this is usually the result.

However, as we’ve told you before we tested every single hack out there. Let’s see if any of the cheats worked, shall we?

Did any of the cheats for Hempire actually work?

The testing was a long process, but we can give you a very short answer to this question. The answer is no, none of them worked. It’s unfortunate, but true. Besides the fact that they all look the same they also work the same.

We’re not going to cover them all individually like we did with the site above because quite frankly it would be pointless. They all have a generator on their site that claims that you can add unlimited diamonds and cash to your account with the click of a button. Then at the end you have to complete a survey to verify that you’re human. But when you do this you’ll be left empty handed every single time. They’re a big waste of your time and we don’t recommend you to use them.

But what about cheat codes for Hempire?

This is something that we come across every time we’re looking for hacks for a game. There are plenty of sites that offer cheat codes for Hempire, but what they don’t tell you is how you can enter these cheat codes in the game.

In reality, these cheat codes can not be entered anywhere in the game. Therefore, since you cannot enter the cheat codes anywhere they’re useless. They won’t give you any free diamonds or cash.

However, there is an alternative method that you can use to obtain free diamonds and cash in Hempire. We’ve discovered a method that is legitimate and actually works. If you’re curious to find out how, keep reading and we’ll tell you everything.

How to get free diamonds in Hempire

By now you’ve seen from our tests that it’s impossible to obtain free diamonds through the use of hacks. You might be wondering what other option there might be. We have a very useful method that works great to obtain diamonds for free. The method that we discovered is very easy to execute. In addition, it’s fast and there’s no limit to the amount of diamonds you can obtain through it. In fact, you can even get free VIP with it.

We’ve decided to make a guide to teach our readers about the method. In our guide we’ll show you precisely what you need to do to obtain the diamonds you want. Our guide is in a step-by-step format which makes it very easy to use. You just follow along with the steps and obtain the diamonds, it’s that simple.

Our method works on both the iPhone and Android version of Hempire, so players of both platforms can benefit from it. You do not need to root nor jailbreak your phone either. Also, the guide is available to our readers completely for free.

Stop trying to find working hacks for Hempire. You will find nothing but disappointment. The only working, legitimate method is described in our guide. Click the button below to access our free guide.

After you take advantage of our guide to get free diamonds in Hempire you might want to check out some more information about the strains in Hempire.

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  1. i have to say that i didn’t expect much of you guide. i thought it would be just some stuff that i would already know but i’m pleasantly surprised. keep it up.

  2. thank you for taking the time to write this up, i was getting so frustrated and confused why none of the hempire hacks were working for me, now I know why!

    • omg same thing for me dude, i saw youtube videos where it actually showed the resources being added so i thought i was doing something wrong… glad it wasn’t my fault

  3. Finally someone who’s giving a working method, I’ve searched all over and this is the first time I found something that actually works. I don’t mind that it takes a bit of time.


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