Guild of Heroes Cheats and Hack – Do Diamond Generators Work?

Uncovering the truth about Guild of Heroes Cheats

Guild of Heroes is one of our favorite games. The game, which is available for Android and iPhone devices, is a ton of fun to play. The game has awesome graphics and the gameplay is amazing. However, while we thoroughly enjoy the game, we always had a shortage of diamonds. For that reason we were curious if we could hack Guild of Heroes to obtain diamonds for free.

If you’re on our website then you’re probably in the same boat; you want diamonds, but you don’t want to spend money on them. We completely understand. In today’s post we’ll reveal the truth about Guild of Heroes Cheats and Hacks. The first thing we will do is see if any Guild of Heroes Hacks exist anywhere on the internet. We will then test them to see if they actually give us the gems. We’ll let you know the results of our tests. If we find any working hacks we will tell you where you can find them. That way you can save yourself a lot of time testing all of them yourself. Every question you’ve ever had about Guild of Heroes cheats and hacks will be answered in today’s post!

Furthermore, if we come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to hack Guild of Heroes then we’ll try our best to figure out and alternative method of obtaining diamonds for free. So, let’s get into it!

Is it possible to Hack Guild of Heroes?

In order to figure out if it’s possible to hack Guild of Heroes we first have to see if any hacks exist. This question is easily answered by performing a quick search. As we expected, there were dozens of websites and YouTube videos that offered unlimited diamond generators. Some of the YouTube videos contained proof of their generator actually adding the gems to the account so we were curious to see if they would actually work.

In order to find out if these hacks actually worked we tested them all out. This was a long and arduous process but it had to be done in order to find out if any of them worked.

The results – did any of the hacks work?

The results of testing all these Guild of Heroes Hacks was nothing short of disappointing. We wasted several hours testing them all out and they all gave us the same result. We’ll walk you through an example of exactly what happens when you use one of these hacks.

The Guild of Heroes Resource Generators usually look like the image above, they don’t all look exactly the same, but they are similar. They ask you to enter your username and how many diamonds you want. Then you’re supposed to press the generate button and the generator will appear to start working. However, once it’s done you are always asked to complete a human verification by completing a survey.

Once you go through their human verification these websites claim that your diamonds and gold will be added to your account instantly. But every single one of them that we tested did not add any diamonds or gold to our account even hours later.

They’re all just a huge waste of your time and we don’t recommend using them at all. You won’t receive anything with these Guild of Heroes Hacks.

Guild of Heroes Cheat Codes

During our research into Guild of Heroes Hacking Tools we also found several websites that offer cheat codes. But, strangely enough you cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in the game! These cheat codes are completely pointless, you won’t obtain any diamonds when you use them. Yet again, we found something that didn’t work.

By now we had tested every single option to obtain free diamonds, and we were getting fed up with it. We decided to put our heads down and discover our own method of obtaining diamonds for free. It wasn’t easy, but we managed to figure it out. Keep reading if you want to know how to do it.

How to get free diamonds in Guild of Heroes

Finding a method of obtaining free diamonds in Guild of Heroes without using hacks or cheats was easier said than done. It took us several days of testing things before we finally found a method that was fast, easy and most importantly could give you an unlimited amount of diamonds for free.

Once we discovered this method we started writing up a guide that we could share with our readers immediately. Our guide is available to our readers completely for free and will teach you step by step how you can perform our technique of obtaining free diamonds. Never again will you have to pay for diamonds!

If you’re ready to leave fake Guild of Heroes hacks behind and want to learn the only real method of obtaining diamonds for free then click the button below.


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