How you can get free resources

We’re glad to see that you chose to leave behind fake hack sites and use our guide. We will show you how we managed to obtain tons of resources for free and how you can do the same. The guide will be presented in a easy to use step-by-step format. Just follow along with the steps and you too will have tons of free resources in no time!

In this guide we’re going to be taking advantage of a website that will reward us with gift cards in exchange for giving our opinion for big brands that are doing market research.

  1. Go to SurveyJunkie through this link and create a free account. You will receive a free $2 sign up bonus if you follow the link and finish creating your profile.
  2. Open the confirmation email that was sent to your email to confirm your email adress. (Important! You won’t be able to log in to your account without confirming your email address)
  3. Once you’ve created an account and confirmed your email address, you’re ready to log in to your account and get started!
  4. You can earn points on SurveyJunkie by giving your opinion for big brands in the form of short surveys. These surveys are very easy to do. They take on average 5-10 minutes to complete and will reward you around $2-10 each.
  5. Use the points you earn on SurveyJunkie to get a free Google Play Store or iTunes Gift Card!
  6. Apply your gift card to your Google Play or iOS App store account to obtain resources without paying a dime!

This is the only legitimate method of obtaining resources for free. SurveyJunkie is legit and you can obtain free gift cards in no time. It pays much higher amounts than other similar sites and is much easier to use. We highly recommend you to at least give it a shot. Signing up is free and takes about 2 minutes. You’ll be surprised how easy and quick it is to accumulate points. We’ve used the site ourselves to obtain many gift cards that were available instantly and so have many of our readers!

A screenshot one of our members sent us after being a member of SurveyJunkie for 14 days – That’s a lot of free resources!

What would you rather do, waste your time on fake hacks and cheats or use a legitimate method to obtain resources? For us the choice is clear. Now it’s up to you, will you join us?

SurveyJunkie has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot with 11,000+ reviews, so you can be sure that they’re legit!

Tip: Check out the comment section below if you have any questions or need tips.

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  1. Alright, I rarely ever comment on posts but I figured I would share my experience: I was a bit skeptical at first, after all, why would someone give you free gift cards just for giving your opinion in a few surveys? Seemed too good to be true, right? But I did some more research about Survey Junkie and found out that they’re a reputable business and decided to give it a shot. The entire process was quite smooth – from signing up to receiving my gift card I didn’t run into any problems. Thumbs up from me!

  2. I like this. Your helping people get vip points , gift cards ,and free ways to play the game and truly enjoy it. This is free and works well. Ps. You don’t need to use the gift card on Ln or anything so this hack is good for any game that gets pricey in any way shape or form so it can be useful to anyone who does not have the money to spend on a game. On another note.: something I noticed is for several children parents have put an anti purchase device on their phone iPad or whatever you are using . PLEASE NOTE! If you have this situation do not worry. You are able to open and close these as you please. Though I do not recommend trying random passwords to change that. Instead ask a parent (tip: if you’re parents are more strict ask on a more special occasion or at a time a giving grandparent or a good (privileged)friend is around) if you can buy some with a few of the gift cards you have accumulated and show them how you got them. If they say yes great! And if they say no, that okay. Because your likely going to find something you like even better later. 😉


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