Grim Soul Cheats and Hacks – Everything you need to know

The truth about Grim Soul Hack Tools

Grim Soul is a relatively new game for Android and iPhone. Grim Soul was released in February 2018. While the game is new, it’s insanely popular. The game has amassed a huge fan base and millions of players love the game. Since the game is so popular it wasn’t surprising to us to see so many people looking for ways to hack Grim Soul.

They want to obtain in-app purchases for free, and we understand that. Mobile games nowadays can get very expensive. However, the real question is if any of these hacks even work. In today’s post we will reveal the truth about all these so called Grim Soul Hacks. We will find out if they exist, and if they do we’ll test them out so you don’t have to. We’ll share the results of our testing with you.

If we find out that you can’t feasibly use cheats for Grim Soul we’ll share an alternative method with you that you can use. So let’s get started!

Do hacks for Grim Soul exist?

This is the first question that we will answer. In order to answer the question whether hacks for Grim Soul exist we’ll start off by simply searching for them on Google. Luckily for us, this was enough to answer the question. Tons of websites that offer hacks for Grim Soul Popped up. This means that we had our work cut out for us. Testing them all out to see if any of them work was not going to be an easy task, but someone has to do it.

Can Grim Soul be hacked?

In order to keep this post as to the point as possible we’re not going to show the testing process of each individual site we find. That would simply take way too much time. We’re simply going to show you the testing process of one of the hacks that we found and then discuss the rest of the results afterwards.

So let’s show you precisely what happens when you try to use Grim Soul Hacks, shall we?

Testing the cheats for Grim Souls

The hack site that we’re going to demonstrate for you looks like the image above. If you’ve been looking for ways to hack Grim Soul for a way now then you might have seen the same site before, because it’s found on the first page of Google.

As you can see the site claims that it can generate unlimited Thalers to your account completely for free, but is this true?

In order to test the hack we selected that we wanted to receive 20,000 Thalers and pressed the generate button.

After we pressed the button this window popped up. It asked us for our username and the platform we play on. Since we play Grim Soul on Android we selected Android and entered our username before pressing the continue button.

Once the continue button was pressed it appeared like the hack site was starting processing our request for 20,000 Thalers.

But did we receive any Thalers from the hack? Keep reading to find out.

Did the hack give us any Thalers?

Before we could receive the Thalers from the hack site we had to verify that we were human by completing their verification. This was quite a time consuming process but we went ahead and did it anyway.

The hack tool for Grim Soul promised that we would receive the Thalers immediately afterwards. However, just to be sure we waited a couple of minutes before launching the game. However, once we launched Grim Soul none of the Thalers that we were promised were added to our account!

This was disappointing to say the least. It seems like we had simply wasted our time.

But as we’ve promised, we would test out every single hack that we could find. Did any of the other sites we tested fare any better?

Did any of the other hacks we tested work?

We can be very short about this. The answer is no. After spending hours repeating the same process we’ve shown you above on every site we could find we received a grand total of 0 Thalers. All of these sites are the same, and none of them will give you what you’re looking for.

We were curious and did some more digging. It turns out that it’s impossible to hack Grim Soul due to the fact that all the resources are stored on their servers rather than on your device. This means that in order for a site to hack the game they have to hack into the database. This is nearly impossible and is why none of these hack sites for Grim Soul work.

They’re all nothing more than a huge waste of time.

What about cheat codes for Grim Soul, do they work?

When you’re looking for cheats for Grim Soul you might notice a lot of websites showing up that offer cheat codes. However, as we’ve explained in posts about Darkness Rises and many others, these cheat codes do not work.

These cheat codes are just a random string of numbers and letters that you can’t use for anything. Really, you can’t even enter them anywhere in the game so they’re completely pointless.

But don’t worry. We promised that we’d show you an alternative method of obtaining free resources in Grim Soul and we will. Want to find out how, keep reading and we’ll tell you our exact method.

How to get free Thalers in Grim Soul

Since hacks and cheat codes for Grim Soul do not work we decided to find an alternative method. The method that we found can only be found here on TapTapGaming. It’s an easy and fast method that will allow you to obtain any in-app purchase for Grim Soul completely for free.

In order to explain our method to you we have written a guide. In our guide we will teach you step by step how you can use the technique that we found. The guide is very easy to use and works on both the Android and iPhone version of the game.

You also do not need to root or jailbreak your phone in order to take advantage of it.

Stop wasting your time on hack sites that claim they can generate unlimited Thalers with the click of a button. They simply don’t work and you will do nothing but waste your time. If you want to learn a legitimately powerful method of obtaining Thalers for free our guide is your best option.

Click the button below to view our guide.

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