Getting free Bananas in Benji Bananas

Getting free Bananas in Benji Bananas without hacking or cheating

Benji Bananas is a very fun action game that’s available for both Android and iOS devices. It’s called Benji Bananas HD on the iPhone and Benji Bananas on Android. In the game you play as Benji and how to maneuver your way through the jungle. The main currency in the game are bananas. Bananas can be used to buy power ups, specials and upgrades. These power ups make the game a lot more enjoyable. However, they’re had to get in the game.

If you want to get bananas in Benji Bananas the main way to get them is to buy them through the store. However, you can also obtain them by playing the game but this is very slow. Luckily there are ways to obtain bananas for free. You’re probably wondering how to get free bananas.

Benji Bananas Hacks & Cheats

Maybe you’ve already done some research of your own in your search of free bananas. If you have then you’ve probably seen some fake Benji Bananas Hack websites. These so called hack websites do not work at all. You see, we were in your position at one point. We really enjoy Benji Bananas and we wanted more bananas in the game. So we set out and searched for a way to get more bananas. We even tried some of the hack websites you might see. After all, the sites seemed legit. They even had “proof” videos and images that showed that their hack added bananas to their account.

Unfortunately, these “proof” videos and images are completely fake. There are no working hacks for Benji Banana. That’s not surprising, because it’s way harder than you might think to hack a game like that. However, just because there are no hacks or cheats for the game doesn’t mean you can’t get free Bananas!

Our Guide for getting Free Bananas in Benji Bananas

After trying some of these so called hacks and cheats for Benji Bananas and figuring out that none of them worked we did a lot of research. We studied a lot of methods to get free bananas. Once we figured out how to get free bananas we figured we would share it with our readers in the form of a guide. Our guide will show you how to get bananas in Benji Bananas without having to use any cheats or hacks.

Our guide is completely safe to use and the methods we show in our guide are completely legit. You only need to follow our step-by-step guide and you will have your free bananas in no time.

It took us several hours to complete all the research for our guide but we’re giving this information to you for free. If you were to do all the research on your own it would take days before you would get free Bananas. When you follow our guide you can start getting bananas quickly and efficiently.

Don’t fall for the fake websites that claim they have Benji Bananas hacks or cheats. Simply follow our guide and use legit methods to get bananas without worrying that your account will get banned. Our guide will work on both Android and iPhone and does not require you to root or jailbreak your phone.

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