Game of Thrones Conquest Hacks and Cheats – Do Gold Generators really work?

The truth about Game of Thrones Conquest hacks

In today’s post we’ll be talking about Game of Thrones Conquest. More specifically we’re going to be covering Game of Thrones Conquest Cheats. The reason for this is because we were curious if it would be possible to obtain gold and items for free through the use of hacks. The problem is not finding hacks or cheats for Game of Thrones conquest, that’s very easy. There are literally dozens of websites out there that offer unlimited gold generators. The real question is whether any of these sites really work.

In order to find out the truth about these hacks for Game of Thrones conquest we’re going to be testing them all out. That way we can tell you precisely which ones work. It’s also possible that none of them work at all. If that’s the case then we’ll share an alternative method of obtaining gold and items for free.

But before we get into testing these hacks, let’s see what Game of Thrones Conquest is all about. That way our readers who aren’t familiar with the game can learn more about it.

What is Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Game of Thrones: Conquest is a mobile game based on the Game of Thrones universe. The game is available for both Android and iPhone devices. It was released in June 2017 by Warner Bros and became one of the most popular strategy games very quickly. It currently has millions of players. The game has an average rating of 4.3 stars on iPhone and 4 stars on Android.

In Game of Thrones: Conquest you fight to claim the Iron Throne and become the ruler of Westeros. But in order to do so you have to beat the other houses in your path. You can conquer over 120 seats of power that you might recognize from the series such as Winterfell, King’s Landing and Castle Black. You can also attack other players and engage in PvP.

Every house also gets their own dragon egg, which gives you the option to raise a dragon. You can then use the dragon to defend your house or attack others.

Overall Game of Thrones: Conquest is quite fun if you enjoy mobile strategy games like Guns of Glory and are a fan of the Game of Thrones universe.

However, the game does have one major drawback according to many players. That drawback is the fact that the game quite often feels a bit pay to win. The reason why it feels that way is due to the importance of gold and items. For that reason there are many players who look for Game of Thrones: Conquest cheats. Therefore it’s very important for us to find out if they actually work or if they’re just a waste of time.

So let’s get into testing these hacks, shall we.

is Hacking Game of Thrones Conquest possible?

Due to the sheer amount of hack sites for Game of Thrones Conquest we’re not going to show you how you the testing process of each one individually. If we did it would make this post way too long and we don’t want to waste your time.

Instead what we’ll do is show you the testing process once. Then we’ll discuss the results of the other Game of Thrones Conquest Cheat sites as a group afterwards. If we manage to find a working hack then we’ll let you know exactly where to find it.

Putting the hacks to the test

The image above is a screenshot we took of a Game of Thrones Conquest hacker. We’re going to test it out and show you exactly what happens if you use it. As you can see, it asks us to enter our username and the platform that we play the game on. So in order to test it out we entered our username and selected the platform we play on (android).

We then pressed the connect button. Apparently this is required to connect our account to their generator. Once we had connected our account we could select how much gold we wanted to generate. Of course we want as much gold as possible so we selected the 10000 gold option.

We then pressed the generate now button. Once this button was pressed the hack seemed to start adding the gold to our account. At least that’s what the site claimed it was doing, but did it really?

Did we receive the gold from the Game of Thrones Conquest cheats?

Before we could receive the gold we had to verify that we were human. We had to do this by downloading an app. This was done pretty quickly but was still quite annoying. However, in order to find out if it works we had to do it.

So we downloaded the app and completed the verification, we should receive the gold now, right!?

Well… not quite. The site claimed that we would receive the gold immediately after the verification. However, this was far from true. We launched the game about an hour later to check if we had received any gold.

Disappointingly enough our gold had remained completely unchanged. We still had the exact same amount as gold that we had before.

So this cheat for Game of Thrones Conquest was a flop. But surely at least one of the other sites must work? Let’s find out.

Did any of the other hack sites work at all?

Unfortunately, after testing dozens of sites that all looked very similar to the one we’ve shown you above we have to conclude that none of them work. These hack sites try very hard to make you believe that they will work, and we have to admit, most do a pretty good job at it. But that’s just about the only thing they do a good job at.

They’re all pretty much the same as the one we’ve shown you. They claim that they can generate unlimited gold for Game of Thrones Conquest but once you complete the verification they’ll leave you empty handed.

No matter how much “proof” these sites show you that their generator will work, do not believe them. You won’t receive any gold from them.

Cheat Codes then? Surely those must work…

Nope. When you search for ways to obtain free gold in Game of Thrones Conquest you often see sites that offer cheat codes. The truth about these cheat codes is that they’re completely fake. You cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in the game anyway so they’re completely pointless.

The only good thing that we can say about them is that they’re not as much of a time waste as the hacks that we’ve tested because you instantly know that you can’t enter them anywhere.

However, just because all of these things do not work does not mean you should abandon all hope. It is possible to obtain free gold in Game of Thrones: Conquest. Curious how? Keep reading to find out.

How to get free gold in Game of Thrones Conquest

As promised in our introduction, we’ll share an alternative method with you to obtain free gold. This method takes a bit more of your effort than pressing a button on a generator or entering a cheat code. However, at least this method really works rather than wasting your time.

When you use this method you’ll learn how to obtain gold fast and free. And best of all, the amount you can obtain through it is pretty much limitless.

The method does not involve some basic gameplay knowledge, it’s way better than that. It’s quite an unknown way of obtaining free gold, but it’s completely legal.

We’ve written a guide to detail the exact steps you need to follow to obtain free gold. You can simply follow the steps that we’ve laid out for you in our online guide and you’ll have the gold you’re after in no time.

Our method works on both the Android and iPhone version of Game of Thrones: Conquest so no matter what platform you play on, you can benefit from it. You also don’t have to worry about jailbreaking or rooting your phone or anything like that because it’s not necessary.

Stop wasting precious time trying to hack Game of Thrones Conquest. As we’ve shown you, you’ll end up with nothing but wasted time. If you’re serious about obtaining free gold then our guide is your best bet. Click the button down here to access the guide.


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