Fishing Clash Hacks and Cheats – How to really get free Pearls

Everything you need to know about Fishing Clash Hack Tools

Fishing Clash is one of those games that’s hard to put down once you start getting into it. We’ve put many hours into the game and can definitely see why it’s so popular. The game was released in April 2016 and has received millions of downloads since then. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive with an average rating of 4.8 stars on both the Android and iPhone version of the game. A rating this high is almost unheard of. It really shows how well polished the game is. However, as is often the case with popular freemium games, it can get quite expensive. Fishing Clash is no different. For that reason it’s not surprising that there are a lot of people looking for Fishing Clash Hacks.

The reason why people are looking for ways to hack Fishing Clash is because they want to obtain Pearls for free. Pearls are normally purchased through in-app purchases and are very important. In today’s post we will answer all your questions about Fishing Clash Cheats. We will find them, test them and let you know if they’re a good option to obtain free pearls. We will show you our testing process in detail, and if it turns out that Fishing Clash Hack Tools do not work we’ll let you know about it as well.

If that’s the case we’ll show you an alternative method that you can use to obtain pearls for free. Let’s get started.

Is hacking Fishing Clash Possible?

This will be the main question of this post. But before we can find out if hacking Fishing Clash is possible we have to find out if hacks even exist. This is the easy part of the whole process because a simple search quickly revealed that there are dozens of websites that offer unlimited pearl generators.

Now, the hard part will be testing out all of these hacks out. Since there are so many of them we definitely have our work cut out for us. Putting all of these hacks to the test to get to the truth is going to be time consuming but someone has to do it. So it might as well be us.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to overwhelm you by showing how we test each hack individually. This would waste too much of your time, and we’re not about that here. Instead we’ll show you a single hack to show you how we test them out. Then afterwards we’ll let you know about the results of the rest of them.

Testing the hack for Fishing Clash

Now, if you’ve been looking for ways to obtain Pearls in Fishing Clash for a while then the image above might look familiar. That’s what the typical Fishing Clash Hack website looks like. They don’t all look the same, but they have a lot of similarities.

The reason we decided to show you this specific one is because it’s one we found on a YouTube video. In the video they actually show the pearls being added to the account so it looked quite legit. We wanted to see if it would actually work like shown in the video.

As you can see, we’re asked to enter our username and how many Pearls we want to generate into our account. In addition, you’re supposed to specify the device that you play the game on.

In order to test the hack we entered our username, selected 4,000 Pearls and specified that we played on Android. We then pressed the “generate now” button. Once we pressed this button a console window was displayed, and it seemed like our resources were being added. But were they really?

Did we receive any Pearls from the hack?

Once the console window was finished processing we had to verify that we were human. Normally we test these hacks on desktop but this one had a human verification that only allowed mobile devices to use it. So we loaded the site on our phone and completed the verification.

After we verified that we were human the website claimed that we would receive our pearls immediately. However, just to be sure we waited a couple of minutes before launching the game. We didn’t want to jump to conclusions.

After waiting for a few minutes we launched Fishing Clash to check if we had received any Pearls. Disappointingly enough, not a single pearl had been added to our account. It seems like we were duped into wasting our time.

But what about the other hacks, surely one of them has to work right? Let’s find out.

Did the other Fishing Clash Cheats perform better?

As we’ve said, we’d test every single hack for Fishing Clash to get to the bottom of this. We have tested dozens of sites that are all very similar to the one above. We can be very short about the results. At the start we had 0 pearls and when we were done we still had 0. None of the hack sites that offer unlimited pearl generators actually worked. They’re all nothing more than a huge waste of time.

It is completely impossible to hack Fishing Clash due to the fact that the resources are not stored on your device. Instead, the game stores the amount of pearls you have on their servers. This means that in order for a hack site to work they actually have to hack the game servers. This is next to impossible and is the reason why none of these sites work.

Now, you might be wondering why these sites try to so hard to convince you that their hacks are real. The answer is simple: advertising revenue. You see, whenever you complete their so called human verification they get paid from advertisers. That’s why they try to make their generator look as convincing as possible. Don’t fall for them!

What about Fishing Clash Cheat Codes?

If you’ve been reading our site for a while then you know that we often find cheat codes for games. We also found cheat codes for Fishing Clash. These cheat codes look pretty legitimate, but as we’ve explained in our post about Digimon Links they don’t work.

In fact, you can’t enter cheat codes anywhere in Fishing Clash, so they’re quite pointless.

But do not despair, we told you that we’d show you an alternative method of obtaining free Pearls in Fishing Clash and we will. Curious how, keep reading and we’ll tell you.

How to get free Pearls in Fishing Clash

Now that you know that you can’t obtain free Pearls through the use of hack tools or cheat codes you might be wondering what other option there might be. We know a very good method of obtaining pearls for free that has does not involve any hacking or cheating. The method is completely legit, but that does not mean that it’s not very effective.

The method is quick, easy and there’s no limit to how many pearls you can obtain when you use it. We’ve written a guide that you can use to take advantage of our method. The guide that we wrote is available completely for free to our readers.

Our guide will teach you step by step how you can use our method to obtain the free Pearls that you’re after.

The method in the guide will work on both the iPhone and Android version of the game. Furthermore, you do not have to root or jailbreak your device in order to do the method.

Stop wasting your time trying to hack Fishing Clash. As you can see in our tests, you won’t receive any pearls at all. It’s a lot more efficient to put your time into our guide. You’ll receive guaranteed free Pearls from it.

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