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Episode: Choose Your Story Cheats & Hacks – The Truth

Episode Cheats

Recently we’ve been playing a ton of Episode: Choose Your Story. The game is a lot of fun, especially when you first start playing because everything is new. However, while the game is very enjoyable, it’s a freemium game. This means that you it’s free to play but you need to spend money to obtain premium currency. In Episode you have gems and passes. You usually run out of these gems pretty quickly because you need them for many of the cool choices in the game. For example, there will be one lame choice and one cool choice and to do use the cool choice in the story you have to spend gems! That’s why we started looking for Episode Cheats.

In today’s article we will cover all our findings about cheats for Episode Choose Your Story. We will answer any questions that you might ever have about the Episode Hacks so if that’s something you’re interested in then definitely keep reading! However, to start things off we will talk a little bit about what Episode: Choose Your Story exactly is. This way our readers who are not familiar with the game can learn a little bit more about it.

What is Episode: Choose Your Story?

Episode Choose Your Story logo

Episode: Choose Your Story, often referred to as simply Episode, is a mobile game for iOS and Android by Episode Interactive. The game is hugely popular and has a dedicated following. It has acquired over 50 million downloads and Android alone! The game has very good ratings, 4.7 stars on iPhone and 4.4 stars on Android with over 2 million reviews.

In Episode you can literally choose your own story. It’s a little bit like reading a story, but instead of having a predetermined story you are the one in charge and the story changes based on the decisions you make. It’s kind of like you’re the hero of the story and it makes reading the stories a lot more immersive.┬áThere are tons of stories to explore so it never gets boring.

You also have the option to write your own stories and have other people read them, which is very interesting. The game play is pretty similar to Chapters: Interactive Stories, so if that’s your cup of tea then definitely check this game out, you might love it!

However, as we’ve mentioned before, you need a lot of gems to enjoy the game to the fullest. Which brings us into our next topic.

Is there a working Episode Hack?

Since we kept running out of gems while we were playing we were very curious to find out if it would be possible to hack the game. If we could obtain free gems and passes through a hack somehow that would be very great since we could stop spending so much money! If you’ve been playing Episode: Choose your story for a while then you know how expensive the gems and passes can get.

We started searching and ran into some websites that offered a gems and passes generator. They seemed pretty legitimate, especially because some of them had video proof of their generator in action

Testing episode hack.xyz

We first started testing a site called episode hack.xyz. Their website looked like the image below.

episode hack

It looks pretty legitimate right? That’s what we thought too, so we tried it out. We entered our email and went through the steps on their generator. We were asked to complete a human verification and they promised that afterwards we would receive the gems and passes that we wanted.

However, we didn’t receive anything! We waited for a few hours and checked again but we still didn’t receive any of the passes or gems that we were promised. Just to ensure that it was fake we tested it out with a completely random username.

As you can see, this is a username that nobody would ever use. However, it still said it connected to the account! How can it connect to an account that doesn’t exist. That’s how we knew for sure that it was completely fake.

We were disappointed to say the least, but we decided to try another website.

does Episode cheats.club work?

The next website we decided to test was episodecheats.club. This website looked a little different than the previous one we tried but the principle was the same. They offered us a generator and claimed it could generate unlimited gems and passes instantly.

episode cheats

We went through all their steps again, even the human verification and checked back on our account. Yet again, we did not receive the gems and passes that they claimed we would receive. We tested it again with a completely random username and it still said that it connected to the account!

Did you find any working hacks for Episode at all?

Nope. Besides these two websites we tested dozens more. They were all the same story. They made huge promises of giving us unlimited gems and passes but after use their generator you won’t receive a single thing. So we have to conclude that it’s impossible to hack Episode.

We also found some websites with cheat codes that you’re supposed to enter in the game, but you can’t even enter them. They’re completely fake as well.

If something sounds too good to be true (as is the case with these generators) then it often is. And with these Episode: Choose Your Story Hacks this is definitely the case.

But we didn’t give up hope. We knew that there has to be some way to obtain free gems and passes. After searching for a long time we finally figured out how to do it. If you want to know how keep reading!

How to obtain free gems and passes for real

episode choose your story free gems and passes

Once we realized that all these Episode Cheats were a huge waste of time we took a different approach. We wanted to know if would be possible to obtain free gems and passes without hacking or cheating.

We searched everywhere for many hours but couldn’t find any legitimate methods of obtaining them. So we decided to just try some things out ourselves. It took a lot of trial and error but finally we managed to do it, we found a working method of obtaining free gems and passes!

This method that we discovered is super easy to use and also very fast. It barely takes any time to receive the gems and passes that you want, which is great. We decided that we want to share our method with our readers so we started working on writing a guide.

In our guide we will teach you step by step how to do the method that we discovered. The guide is very easy to follow, you just follow the steps that we lay out in it and that’s all you have to do to obtain tons of gems and passes completely for free!

The method that we show you does not break any of the game rules. So you do not have to worry that your account will get banned or anything like that.

And best of all, our guide is available to you completely for free. You should really stop wasting your time on these Episode: Choose Your Story Cheats and Hacks, they will do nothing but waste your time. The only working method of getting gems and passes for free is described in our guide.

Click the blue button below to start learning our method.

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