Dungeon Quest Cheats and Hack – Will they give you free coins?

The Truth About Dungeon Quest Cheats and Hacks

Dungeon Quest is a popular RPG developed by Shiny Box. The game has over 5 million downloads on Android alone and is hugely popular. When games are popular it often comes naturally that people start looking for cheats. Especially with freemium games like Dungeon Quest this is often the case. It’s therefore not surprising that so many people are looking for Dungeon Quest Cheats. We were in the exact same boat because we needed more coins and did not want to shell out tons of money to obtain them.

However, do these Dungeon Quest Cheats actually work? Can you obtain free coins when you use them? That’s the question we will answer today. We will test every single Dungeon Quest Hack that we can find and let you know if any of them work. If they do, we’ll let you know where you can find them. If they don’t we’ll find another method of obtaining free coins, don’t worry!

Do Dungeon Quest Hacks work?

A quick Google search revealed tons of websites and YouTube videos that claimed they had hacks for Dungeon Quest. However, the real question is whether they work. In a long and time consuming process we tested every single hack that we could find. This was long and boring but it had to be done in order to give a conclusive answer to this question.

After testing every single hack for Dungeon Quest that we could find we can tell you for sure that none of them work. While there are many different websites that offer unlimited coin generators they’re almost all the same. They claim they can add unlimited coins to your Dungeon Quest account, but first they require you to complete a human verification. Once you complete this human verification you don’t receive any coins at all!

It’s a huge disappointment and waste of time. If you’ve been on the lookout for Dungeon Quest Hacking Tools for a while now then you’ve probably seen the websites we’re talking about. If you have, then you know just as well as we do what a waste of time they are.

What about cheat codes for Dungeon Quest?

Besides websites that claim they can hack the game for you and give you unlimited diamonds we also found several websites that offer cheat codes. However, the odd thing about these cheat codes for Dungeon Quest is that you can’t even enter them anywhere in the game.

They simply show you a string of random numbers that you can’t enter anywhere! The only reason why these websites exist is to generate revenue for the owners. Do not fall for them, it’s a waste of time just like the Dungeon Quest Hacking Tools.

However, while you can’t use cheat codes or hack tools to obtain coins in Dungeon Quest there is an alternative method that we discovered to obtain coins! If you want to know how to do it then keep reading.

The legitimate method of obtaining free coins

Once we realized that you cannot use hacks or cheats to obtain coins in Dungeon Quest we knew that we had to find an alternative method. Here on TapTapGaming.com we’re very experienced at finding methods of obtaining free resources but it still wasn’t easy.

After a spending a lot of time and effort we finally managed to figure out how you can obtain tons of coins for free in Dungeon Quest. We then decided to write a guide so that our readers can benefit from our method.

The method we discovered is fast, easy and there’s no limit to how many coins you can get when you use it.

Before we released our guide we made sure to test the method to ensure that it works on both the Android and iPhone version of the game and it works brilliantly on both.

And best of all, the guide is available to our readers completely for free! Oh, and don’t worry about getting banned, you’re not breaking any of the rules when you use the guide. It’s completely legitimate but surprisingly effective.

We update the guide with every major patch of Dungeon Quest so that it’s always up to date and working well with the latest version.

If you’re ready to leave fake hacks and cheats behind and want to learn how to get a real advantage in Dungeon Quest then there’s nothing left to do but click the blue button below. Let our guide teach you the steps to obtain the coins you’re after!

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  1. Hey I requested this one! Thanks for looking into it guys, really appreciate the effort. Can’t wait to use the guide 🙂

    • No, I tried it and it’s good. I mean it’s not instant to receive the gems like a hack would be but it’s next best thing. At least you will actually receive coins when you use this guide

  2. This guide is simply great. I was talking to my group of friends that play the game that there has to be a way to get coins for free and he told me about this guide. I was skeptical about it because I have tried hacks and cheats before and just like you I didn’t receive any coins, but this guide is really good 😀

  3. I really liked the guide but if I could give 1 suggestion about it is that you could maybe add a video guide to it. the text guide is easy to follow but with a video it would be even easier


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