Digimon ReArise Review – is it worth playing?

Digimon ReArise was released in 2018 Japan. However, just a few days ago it saw its release in the west. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. The character design was done by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru himself, and it shows.

Digimon ReArise quickly became popular on both Android and iOS. The game received hundreds of thousands of downloads in a few days. But is the game worth playing? That’s what we’re going to find out in this review of Digimon ReArise. We’ll go over the gameplay, the graphics, whether it’s pay to win and finally give you our opinion if game is worth playing.

The gameplay

Digimon ReArise is an RPG battle game. In the game you build a team of 5 digimons to do battle against other tamers. The game has the main story line, which is quite good and clash battles which are good for farming bits and other resources. You also have the option of joining a guild.

There are several ways to increase the power level of the digimon in your team. Battling gives them experience which increases their level. The higher the level of your digimon, the stronger they become.

In addition, there’s digivolving. Digivolving becomes available upon reaching Act 3 of the main story but has a few requirements. For instance, you need to bond with your digimon before you can digivolve them. This can be done by feeding them. Digivolving changes the appearance of your digimon and of course makes them stronger.

Collecting digimon is also a big part of the game. There are quite a few digimon in the game and collecting them all will be quite the challenge. Nevertheless, it’s very enjoyable to collect the creatures. Especially if you’ve watched the TV show it’s a fun experience because you recognize the creatures you’re collecting.

The battles in the game can take quite a while, but luckily there is a button that fast forwards through them which makes playing more enjoyable.

The graphics

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: graphics are subjective. Some art styles appeal more to certain people than to other people. We could write a huge paragraph describing the graphics but we think it’s better if you take a look for yourself so we created a short video of the gameplay that you can check out:

In our opinion the graphics are alright, but nothing too spectacular. However, there are quite a few loading screens in Digimon ReArise and they’re not particularly fast. While playing the game it kind of takes the pace out of the game which is frustrating.

Micro transactions – is it pay to win?

Digimon ReArise is a freemium game which means it’s free to play but has micro transactions. In this particular game the premium currency is called DigiRubies. These DigiRubies have various uses, for instance, they can be used to summon new digimon that will be added to your collection. You can also use them to buy items.

The main way to obtain these DigiRubies is through micro-transactions, but you can also get them through quests in the game.

They’re quite an important aspect of the game because summoning and getting items are an important aspect of the game. However, it is definitely possible to obtain these DigiRubies without having to pay for them. You will just progress a bit slower, but this is not always a bad thing.

Overall we wouldn’t say that the game is pay to win due to the fact that the game is relatively generous with free digirubies. However, you definitely do get an advantage by buying DigiRubies.

Furthermore, we’ve written a post you can check out about cheating in Digimon ReArise where we go over methods of obtaining free Digirubies.

Conclusion – worth playing?

If you’re a fan of Digimon then this game is not bad. Even if you’ve never heard of Digimon and are simply looking for a mobile game where you can collect, battle and upgrade creatures then Digimon ReArise is not a bad pick.

The gameplay is quite enjoyable, albeit a bit slow sometimes. Luckily there’s a fast forward button that allows you to get through battles that you already know you’re going to win faster.

What the developers of the game should focus on in our opinion is reducing the amount of load screens and the load time. It takes the pace out of the game and can get frustrating.

Overall, it’s not a pretty decent game and has a big nostalgia factor if you’ve watched Digimon when you were a kid. It’s not for everyone, but we do recommend you to give it a try. The game itself is quite small in size. You don’t have to download the full game until you progress through the introduction which gives you some time to decide if the game is for you.

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