Digimon Links Cheats and Hacks – The Truth about DigiStone Generators

The Truth about DigiMon Links Hack tools

Digimon Links is one of our favorite Android games. The game is based in the Digimon universe, a show that we used to love as a kid. Playing the game is very nostalgic and brings back a ton of good memories. In that way it’s a bit similar to Yugioh Duel Links. We’re not alone in our love for Digimonlinks. The game has millions of players all over the world on both Android and iPhone. The ratings are also very positive, with 4.6 stars on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Since the game is so popular it’s no surprise that there are tons of people that are looking for DigiMon Links Cheats.

We were in the same situation. We played the game a lot, and had spent a substantial amount of money on Digistones already. But we realized that we kept running out of digistones constantly and we couldn’t justify buying them over and over. For that reason we decided to investigate the possibilities of obtaining free digistones through the use of hacks for DigimonLinks.

In today’s post we will reveal the truth about DigiMon Links Hacks. We’ll answer every question that you might have ever had about it. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Do hacks for Digimon Links exist?

The first question we’re going to answer is whether hacks for DigiMon Links actually exist. This question is easier to answer than we expected. A simple Google search revealed that there are tons of websites and YouTube videos out there that claim they can generate unlimited digistones and clusters.

In fact, there are so many DigiMon Links hacking websites out there that we didn’t know where to start. We then decided that we would test them out one by one to see if any of them would work. We’ll go over the results with you so you won’t have to test them out for yourself. That way you can save a lot of time.

Do the DigiMon Links Cheats actually work?

Now that we’ve found out that there are a ton of hacks out there we had to answer a more difficult question: do they actually work? Testing each and every hack individually was a tedious process, especially since they all require you to complete a human verification before you can obtain the digistones.

But it had to be done, it’s the only way we could be sure if any of the hacks worked. We’re not going to go over each hack individually. If we were to do so it would take up way too much of your time and we don’t want to waste your time.

What we will do is go over one of the hacks that we found to give you an idea of what happens when you try to use Digimon Links Hacking sites.

Testing the hack for Digimon Links out

If you search for hack tools for Digimon links most of the sites you come across have a generator on them. It usually looks something like this:

The sites claim that they can generate an unlimited amount of DigiStones and Clusters into your account. They also claim that you can obtain full meat through them. But is this really the case?

In order to test the hacks we went through all the steps in the generator. As you can see, we told the generator site that we wanted to add 500 digistones and 50,000 cluster into our account. We then pressed the generate button. It appeared like the generator was working, because a console window popped up that said our request was being processed.

However, once the generator was done processing our request we were greeted by a human verification screen. The website told us that our digistones and clusters would be added to our account once we completed the verification, so we went ahead and completed it.

But did we receive anything afterwards?

Did the hack give us digistones and clusters?

We can answer this question with a resounding “no”. We waited until the next day to boot up the game to give the hack some time to add the resources to our account. However, when we launced the game we didn’t receive anything at all.

The entire website was completely fake, including the generating process. It exists solely to make you believe that you can obtain free digistones and clusters, while in fact doing nothing but wasting your time.

And this is not the only website where this happened. Every single DigiMon Links hacker website that we put to the test gave the same result. None of them delivered on their promises and we received a grand total of 0 digistones after testing every single one of them.

But what about cheat codes for DigiMon Links?

In our search for DigiMon Links Cheats we also found websites that offered cheat codes. We’ve come across sites like this before while testing hacks for other games such as Art of Conquest. The cheat codes that they offer seem legit at first glance, but make no mistake; they don’t work.

In fact, you can’t even enter the cheat codes anywhere in the game. They’re nothing more than a huge waste of time, and we advise you to stay clear of them. You won’t receive any digistones from them.

However, it is possible to obtain free digistones in a different way. Curious how? Keep reading, we’ll tell you exactly how you can get them.

How to get free digistones in Digimon Links

By now you’re probably curious how it can be possible to obtain free digistones if hacks and cheat codes don’t work. Well, after we figured out that you can’t obtain the resources through the use of hacking we set out to figure out an alternative method to share with you.

Finding a working method wasn’t easy, but we managed to do it. Our method is quite honestly the only working method if you want to obtain digistones for free. You won’t find this method anywhere else on the internet because we’re the ones who discovered it.

We’ve written a guide that shows in detail exactly what you need to do to use our method. It’s very quick, easy and you can obtain an unlimited amount of digistones through it. Now, just be to clear, it’s not as simple as pressing a button and watching the resources pour in but it’s not far off.

Our guide works on both the Android and iPhone version of Digimon Links and you’re not required to jailbreak or root your phone. And best of all, our guide is available completely for free!

If you’re ready to stop wasting your time trying to hack Digimon Links and want to learn the only legitimate method of obtaining free Digistones then click the button below. You won’t regret it!

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