Design Home Cheats and Hacks – The real way to get free Diamonds

The truth about Design Home Hacks

If you’re a fan of the home design genre of games then Design Home is one that you must check out. The game was released in 2016 by Crowdstar Inc on both Android and iOS and instantly became a success. The game has amassed millions of players worldwide. It has an average rating of 4.4 stars on Android and 4.5 stars on iPhone. We totally agree with this rating because the game is a ton of fun. However, while the game might be fun, it can sometimes feel a bit like a cash grab. We say this because a lot of things cost diamonds. These diamonds are important, and also very expensive. For that reason we were curious if it would be possible to obtain diamonds for free through the use of a Design Home Hack.

If you’re on this site then you’re probably curious about the game thing. In today’s post we’ll reveal the truth about Design Home Cheats. Every question that you’ve ever had about them will be answered. We’ll start off by finding out if any hack tools exist. Secondly, we’ll test them all out. We’ll then let you know if any of these hacks actually work.

Alternatively, if we come to the conclusion that it’s not possible to obtain free diamonds in Design Home through the use of hack tools we’ll find another way.

Do hacks for Design Home exist?

Our first question in this post was if hacks for Design Home actually exist. In order to find the answer to this we simply searched on both Google and YouTube and we were overwhelmed by a ton of sites that offer hacks. These sites all have an unlimited diamond generator available for free. Their claim is that you can obtain an unlimited amount of diamonds for your account with the click of a button.

However, to find out if this is the truth we’re going to have to test them out. We’re going to test them all, but we won’t go over them all one by one. The sole reason for this is that there are simply too many of them. Instead, we’ll show you the testing process of one of the hacks that we find. Then we’ll go over the results of the other ones and tell you if any of them actually gave us free diamonds.

Testing the the Design Home Cheats

While many websites offer Design Home Cheats, most of them look almost the same. The image that you can see above is what most of them look like, and it’s the one that we’re going to show you the testing process of. The reason why we’re going to show you this specific one is because we found it on a very convincing YouTube video. In the video it actually shows the diamond being added to the account.

The generator asked us for our username and the platform we play on. Since we play Design Home on iOS we selected the iOS platform and entered our username. We also ticked the box that says enable antiban encryption, because why not.

We then pressed the connect button to connect our account to the hack for Design Home. When we pressed this button we could select how many diamonds we wanted to get. We went with 50,000. That should last us for a long time if this hack actually works.

Then we pressed the hack now button. It seemed like the site was processing our request because a progress bar showed up which informed us that the hack was in process.

But did we actually receive any diamonds from the hack afterwards? Keep reading to find out.

Did the hack tool work?

Before we could obtain our diamonds we had to complete a human verification, so we did. The Design Home Cheats site claimed that we would receive our diamonds instantly once we completed the verification.

Once we completed their verification we waited around for a couple of minutes and then opened the game. However, once we launched Design Home we noticed that we did not receive any of the diamonds that we were promised. This hack for Design Home did not work at all!

But what about the other sites that we tested, did any of them perform any better during the testing process?

Did any of the other hack sites for Design Home work?

We tested and we tested in hopes of finding a working one among the dozens of hacks for Design Home. But ultimately, it was all for nothing. We spent hours testing each and every hack only to end up with a grand total of 0 diamonds.

None of these Design Home Hacks actually work. They all pretty much follow the same pattern as the site we showed you above. You enter your username and how many diamonds you want and the generator appears to be working, only to force you to complete their human verification.

Once you complete it, you won’t receive any diamonds at all. It’s quite disappointing, but the honest truth is that there are no working Design Home Diamond Hacks at all.

About cheat codes for Design Home

If you’re searching for cheat codes for Design Home there are also a ton of websites that offer those. These cheat codes appear to be legit at first glance but are not what they seem. In reality, you cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in Design Home.

Looking for cheat codes is therefore pointless, since there is no way to enter them.

But as we’ve promised, we’ll tell you an alternative method that you can use to obtain free diamonds. Ready to find out how? Keep on reading and we’ll tell you the details.

How to get free diamonds in Design Home

We were very disappointed to find out that hacking Design Home is impossible. However, we knew of an alternative method that we could use to obtain the diamonds we want for free. This method is very easy to do, quick and you can obtain as many diamonds as you want with it.

Now, just to clarify; this is not a hack. We’ve already proven to you that hacking the game is impossible. But it is the next best thing. In fact, it’s the only working method of obtaining diamonds for free.

We have written a guide that you can use to learn more about our method. In the guide we will teach you exactly what you need to do to obtain diamonds in Design Home completely for free. The guide is in a step by step format, so you can simply follow the steps one by one and receive diamonds in no time.

The guide works on both the Android and iPhone version of Design Home and importantly, you do not have to root or jailbreak your phone.

In addition, the guide is available completely for free!

So what are you waiting for, stop wasting your time trying to find diamond cheats for Design Home. You’ll find nothing but a huge disappointment. Instead, use our guide which will teach you the only legitimate method.

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