Darkness Rises Cheats and Hack – Do generators give you free Gems?

Everything you need to know about Darkness Rises Cheats

Darkness Rises is one of those games that once we started playing it we couldn’t put it down. We’ve been playing the game since it was released and we’ve never stopped. The game is simply that much fun. The statistics don’t lie either. With an average rating of 4.7 stars on Android and 4.8 stars on iPhone the game is a clear favorite of the Action RPG community.

However, while the game is a ton of fun, it’s even more fun when you have a lot of gems available. Gems are the premium currency in the game that you can obtain through in-app purchases. These gems do not come cheap and are very important. For that reason we were curious if we could somehow use Darkness Rise Hacks to obtain the gems for free. If you’re visiting our website then you’re probably curious about the very same thing.

In today’s post we will reveal the truth about Darkness Rises Cheats. We will find them, test them and let you know if any of them can actually give you free gems. However, it is quite likely that Darkness Rises Cheats do not work. If we find out that they don’t work we will try our best to find an alternative method of obtaining gems for free. Let’s get into it.

Is it possible to hack Darkness Rises?

This is the main question that we will answer today. But before we can answer whether it is possible to hack Darkness Rises we first have to see if any hacks exist. Luckily for us, it was quite simple to find websites that offer hacks for Darkness Rises. All we had to do was perform a quick search and tons of websites and YouTube videos that claimed they could generate unlimited gems popped up.

But do these Darkness Rises Hacking Tools really work? Let’s find out.

Putting the hack websites to the test

We tested every single Darkness Rises hacking website that we found. This was a long and tedious process because there were so many. However, it had to be done in order to find out if any of them worked.

Many of the hacks looked like the image you can see above. They ask for your username or email and how many gems you want to generate. In our testing we entered our username and that we wanted to receive 10,000 gems. We then pressed the continue button and it appeared that the generator started working on adding the gems to our account.

However, after the generating process was completed we were required to verify that we were not a bot by completing a human verification. In order to verify that we were human we had to complete a survey. So we did.

Did the Darkness Rises Hack give us free gems?

After we completed the human verification the website claimed that the gems would be added to our account within a few minutes. We waited about an hour and then opened the game to check if any gems had been added to our account.

Once we opened up our account to check if the gems had been added we were disappointed to see that the amount of gems in our account was completely unchanged. No gems had been added to our account at all! It was simply a waste of time.

We tested every single hack that we could find in the same way. We’re not going to bore you by going over each one individually. The results were the same for all of them. They all made huge promises that we could get unlimited gems but none of them delivered. After you complete their human verification you won’t receive a single gem.

If you’ve been on the hunt for free gems for a while now then you might have seen similar websites. You might even have tested them yourself. If you have, then you already knew what was going to happen and what a waste of time these hack sites are.

What about Darkness Rises Cheat Codes?

In our quest for free gems we not only found hacks. We also found websites that offered cheat codes for Darkness Rises. These websites with cheat codes claim that you can enter the code in the game for free gems. However, upon doing some more research we quickly figured out that you cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in Darkness Rises.

The so called cheat codes are simply a random string of letters and numbers that are completely useless. You can’t use them for anything so don’t waste your time on them.

But do not despair, it is very possible to obtain free gems in Darkness Rises. Curious to find out how? Keep reading, we’ll show you.

How to get free gems in Darkness Rises


Once we realized that it’s impossible to hack Darkness Rises and that you cannot obtain gems through the use cheat codes either we knew we had to find an alternative method. Luckily for us, we’re very experienced in finding methods of obtaining free premium currency in mobile games.

While this experience came in handy, it still was not easy to figure out how you can get free gems. After many hours we finally managed to do it. The method that we discovered is quick, easy and you can obtain as many gems as you want with it. Of course, it’s not as easy as simply pressing a button on a generator, but keep in mind; if something sounds too good to be true it most likely is.

We decided to write a guide to teach our readers the method that we found. In our guide we will teach you step by step how you can obtain a ton of gems. This method is very unknown to most players and will give you a huge edge.

Our guide is available for free, and you do not have to download it, you can simply view it online. Furthermore, before we released the guide we tested it on both Android and iPhone. The method works flawlessly on both platforms.

If you’re ready to stop wasting your time on Darkness Rises Hackers and Cheats then use our guide. Our guide will teach you the only legitimate method of obtaining gems for free. Simply click the blue button below to get started.

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