9 Covet Fashion Tips & Tricks to take your game to the next level

Covet fashion is a very entertaining game for those who love fashion and style. It might be kind of frustrating trying to thrive in the game with no success at all, so that’s why we have created this guide with some very important tips and tricks for you to have a better playing experience with covet fashion. Wanna know how? Let’s find it out!

9 useful tips for covet fashion


  1. Spend your diamonds on clothes for contests only

When you begin, you are provided with a limited amount of diamonds that you have to use wisely. We advise not to buy clothes randomly, but to only focus on buying the ones that are required for the challenges. This way you have the possibility of participating in more challenges and win diamonds without the need of paying for them.

  1. Do the offers

While you can directly buy diamonds in the store, there’s also a way to get them without having to pay (especially because they are expensive). Just go to the “premium store”, once there you will find three options: “Diamonds”, “specials” and “earn”, click on “earn”, and several offers will pop up. All you have to do is to complete all the steps (that are usually watching videos, downloading apps or doing surveys) and you can have some diamonds for free!

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  1. Max your unworn bonus.

When you wear clothes, accessories or make ups you have never worn before, you get an extra bonus that will give you more rewards. Try to wear unworn items as well as season items as much as possible. You can try to sneak some of these under larger pieces of clothes, even if they are hidden and no one seem them, you will still receive an extra bonus.

  1. Stay in season.

Using the clothes of the most recent season will give you an increased bonus in every challenge. The more in-season clothes you wear; the more extra points you will get. You can hide these under the outfits too if you don’t like how they look.

  1. Join a house.

Joining an active house can be very helpful, especially if you are not looking to spend a lot of money on the game. When you join a house, you can borrow clothes from other players that will help you progress faster, you will also receive the unworn bonus from using these clothes no matter if they were used before by other players. Another great benefit of joining a house is that you can receive opinions from other players and discuss about what outfit looks better.

  1. Look for fashion tips online.

All the clothes in covet fashion exist in real life, so learning about clothing in real life can help you a lot to enhance your creativity and ideas, if you add up this knowledge to your own original ideas, the final result will be amazing!

  1. Collect the daily rewards.

You receive $100 cash every day as a reward for being an active player, try to find a little time during the day to collect them every day, even if you are not going to play. Apart from this, you can participate in the challenge named “Daily 500” every day, it will give you 500 cash just for entering it.

  1. Break the mold and match the themes.

Try to be innovative, don’t copy other’s looks and get the most out of your own creativity, but at the same time don’t miss the theme of the challenge, matching your clothes with the theme and the background is always a thing players take into account. You will receive more votes if the background goes along with your outfit.

  1. Use social media to your advantage.

Connecting your covet fashion account to your Facebook account will allow you to play with your friends and help each other. You can also look for covet fashion groups where you can get a lot of friends, this will be of great help as you will have an immense amount of items to borrow!

Final thoughts

We hope these tips and tricks for Covet Fashion were useful to you. If you have any other tips and tricks, leave them in the comments below so your fellow players can benefit from them!

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  1. I’ve noticed that with all the top looks that 99.999% of the time they are all the same. I’ve also notice that 99.99999% of the top looks for challenges all have blond hair.Being original or innovative does not always work.


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