Cafeland World Kitchen Review – Is it worth playing?

Cafeland: World Kitchen is one of the most popular cooking games on Android and iOS. But is it worth playing? In this review you’re going to find out. We’ll go over everything cafeland has to offer: the graphics, the gameplay, whether it’s pay 2 win and much more.

The gameplay

Cafeland is quite similar to other restaurant style cooking games. In Cafeland you get to run your own personal restaurant. It starts out small with just a few recipes and a small cafe. It’s up to you to expand it into a big, famous restaurant.

As you progress through the game you get to design the restaurant exactly how you want, serve the dishes you want, discover new recipes and entice celebrities to visit your restaurant.

Overall we have to say that the gameplay in Cafeland is one of its strong suits. It’s very addictive because you can see your restaurant progress as time goes on which makes you want to keep playing. Especially if you’re a fan of restaurant management games then Cafeland is one of the better ones out there.

The graphics

Cafeland: World Kitchen has very colorful graphics and for some reason the characters have huge heads. Whether or not you enjoy that is of course subjective, but personally we believe that the art style of Cafeland fits the theme of the game very well.

A picture (or in this case a video) says more than a thousand words, so if you’d like to check out the graphics of the game check out this gameplay video:

Is the game pay to win?

Since Cafeland is a freemium game (free to download with micro transactions) it’s inevitable that there’s a premium currency in the game. In the case of Cafeland World Kitchen this premium currency is called cash.

Unlike most other games in this genre however, the micro transactions are not too bad. You can get by in the game spending a minimum amount or even nothing at all when you take advantage of our guide which you can find in our post regarding Cafeland Cheats.

Also, since the game is single player – there’s not a clear winner. You can take it at your own pace because it’s not like someone can beat you in the game by spending more on it.

Overall we’d say that the game is NOT pay to win.

The social aspect

Even though there’s no PVP in Cafeland it does have a social aspect. The social aspect in the game is quite limited, but it does add something to the game.

In Cafeland you have the option to visit your visit your friend’s restaurants and help them out. You also have the option to send them mystery gifts.

Final verdict – do we recommend the game?

If you’ve got experience with restaurant simulator games then we believe that Cafeland will appeal to you, but even if you’ve never played a game similar to Cafeland we still believe that it has a lot to offer.

Progressing from a small snack bar to a fancy restaurant is very rewarding. Combined with the fact that the game is not pay to win and the appealing graphics we believe it’ll appeal to a wide range of mobile gamers.

You can check out Cafeland for Android here and the iOS version can be found here.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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