Cafeland Cheats and Hacks – Will they really give free cash and coins?

The truth about Cafeland Cheats

Cafeland – World Kitchen is a mobile game for Android and iPhone. Cafeland was released in 2016 and quickly became one of the most popular cooking games. We’ve personally played the game a lot, and thoroughly enjoy the game, it’s a lot of fun! The majority of people that have tried Cafeland agree and have awarded Cafeland with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on both Android and iOS. However, while we really enjoy the game we kept running out of cash and coins. Initially we always spent money to obtain more of these resources but the cost of this added up quickly. For that reason we became increasingly curious about Cafeland Hacks.

We were curious to see if these hacks for Cafeland World Kitchen could actually give us free cash and coins. If you’re visiting our site then you might be curious about the same thing. So in today’s post we’re going to put these hack sites to the test. We’re going to test all the Cafeland hack sites out there to see if any of them actually work. The truth about Cafeland cheats will be revealed in this post.

If we find a working hack for Cafeland we’ll definitely let you know where you can find them. However, it’s very possible that we won’t find any working hacks. If that turns out to be the case we’re going to show you an alternative method of obtaining cash and coins for free.

Hacking Cafeland – is it possible?

In order to find out if hacking Cafeland is possible we’ll have to test all the hacks out. Testing them all out is going to be time consuming simply due to how many sites are out there that offer hack tools.

Seriously, everywhere you look you will find websites that offer unlimited cash and coins generators. There are too many to count. However, testing them all out is the only way to find out the truth so that’s what we’re going to do so you don’t have to.

While we’re going to be testing all of the hacks, we’re not going to cover them all one by one. The simple reason for this is that it would take up way too much of your time. Instead, we’re going to show the testing process once and then discuss the rest of the hacks we tested all together. Don’t worry, if we find any working hacks we’ll let you know exactly which one it is that worked.

Putting the Cafeland Cheats to the test

When you’re looking for hacks to give you free cash and coins in Cafeland you will often find sites that look similar to the one that look similar to the one we’re going to show you the test of. If you’ve always been curious what happens when you use Cafeland Cheats you’ve come to the right place.

As you can see in the image above, the hack allows us to select the amount of cash and coins that we want to generate. In this test we selected that we wanted 10,000 cash and 100,000 coins. Once we did that we pressed the generate button.

As you can see, the next step was entering our username and the platform we play on. Since we play Cafeland on Android we selected the Android platform and entered our username before pressing continue. When we pressed continue it seemed like our request for cash and coins was being processed!

However, we were not done there. Once the processing was completed we were required to verify that we were a human. In order to do so we had to complete their verification by completing a survey. So that’s exactly what we did, but did we receive the cash and coins afterwards?

Did the Cheats for Cafeland actually work?

The website that we’ve shown you above claimed that we would receive our requested coins and cash immediately after completing the verification. However, this was not the truth. When we booted up the game several minutes after going through all their steps we didn’t receive a single cash or coin.

This was quite the disappointment. We had hoped to receive the cash and coins that we were after but instead had been duped into wasting our time. But this was not the only hack that we’ve tested. As promised, we tested each and every one. So did any of the other ones perform any better in our tests?

Did any of the Cafeland Hack Tools give us free coins and cash?

Nope. It was the same story as with the hack we’ve shown with every other site. They all promise that you can obtain thousands of coins and cash with the click of a button before inevitably requiring you to complete a human verification.

Once you complete this verification you’re left empty handed every time. None of the hacks worked. We ended up with the exact same amount of cash and coins that we started with. These hack sites for Cafeland are nothing more than a huge waste of time. We highly recommend you to steer clear of them if you don’t want to end up wasting your time.

Regarding cheat codes for Cafeland

When we were searching for hacks for Cafeland we also stumbled upon a site that offer cheat codes. This claim that you can unlock in app purchases simply by entering a cheat code in the game. Well, you might think that this is a good option, but they’re not.

The reality is that you cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in cafeland. Therefore, these cheat codes are completely fake and a waste of your time. Since you cannot enter them in the game you cannot unlock anything with them!

However, as we’ve promised, we will tell you about an alternative method of obtaining free cash in Cafeland. Curious? Keep reading and we’ll give you the details.

How to get free cash in Cafeland

Now that you’re aware of the fact that cheats and hacks do not work you might be wondering what the alternative is. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the research for you. There is only 1 legitimate method that can really give you free cash.

The method that we’re talking about is very unknown to most people. Only select group of people actively uses this method to obtain a ton of free cash, and now you can be one of them. The method is fast, easy and you can obtain as much cash through it as you want.

Now, just to clarify, this is not a hack. The method we’re going to show you is completely legitimate. You’re not breaking any of Cafeland’s rules. This means that you do not have to worry about potentially getting your account banned.

In order to properly explain the method to you we’ve written an easy to follow guide. The guide will teach you step-by-step how you can obtain the free cash.

Our guide is available for both the Android and iPhone version of Cafeland. In addition, you do not need to jailbreak or root your phone in order to take advantage of it.

And best of all, the guide is available completely for free!

Click the button below to access our guide.


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  1. If only I had found this before trying the hacks for myself, would’ve saved me so much time haha. thanks anyway, i’ll give the method in your guide a shot and see if it works

    • nah, i’ve tried using lucky patcher but since the resources are store on the game server it won’t work in the live game unfortunately


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