Boxing Star Cheat Codes, Hacks & Free Gold Guide

Gold in Boxing Star can be hard to come by. But what if you could press a few buttons or enter a code and get all the gold you’ll ever need? Many sites claim that this possible through the use of cheat codes or hacks, but is it really? We put them to the test to find out.

Boxing Star, developed by game studio FourThirtyThree, is a very popular free to play boxing game available for both Android and iOS. Boxing Star is quite a simple game, but very fun and addicting. You can easily spend hours playing the game and that’s why it’s become so popular. The game has millions of downloads on both the Android and iOS platforms and achieved a 4.6 star rating, which is quite high for a mobile game.

However, while the game is fun, it’s even more fun when you have a lot of gold. Gold is the premium currency in Boxing Star and the primary way of getting gold is by purchasing it through in-app purchases. However, there are many websites out there that claim that obtaining gold for free is possible. They offer either hack tools or cheat codes to achieve this. While this sounds great, how do you know if any of these things actually work? Normally you’d have to test them all out in hopes of finding something that works, but no longer.

We’ve tested every single hack, cheat and code for Boxing Star so you don’t have to do it yourself. We’ll share our findings with you in this post.

Boxing Star Hacks and generators

If you’re looking for free gold in Boxing Star you’ve probably tried to find hack tools. These hacks, or “gold generators” as they’re sometimes called aren’t hard to find and there’s quite a few of them out there. Usually they have an interface that looks something like this:

boxing star hack screenshot
A screenshot of a gold generator for boxing star. Looks legit, but let’s find out if it really works…

The screenshot you see above is one that we’ve taken from a Boxing Star Gold Hack we found on YouTube. On this YouTube video they show the generator in action, and it seemed to work, because they show the gold being added to the account in real time. So let’s test it and see if lives up to its promises.

To test it out we entered all the requested information and went through all the steps.

However, to our disappointment, even though we followed all the steps we never received any gold from it. The hack does not work at all!

We tested all the other hack tools that we could find for boxing star in the same way, but they all gave us the same results: nothing. All of them promise that they’ll work and give you the gold you need, but they’re all lies. We tested them all and did not receive any gold from any of them.

If you come across “generators” that claim that you can obtain thousands (or sometimes even millions) of gold simply by entering your username or email and clicking on a few buttons don’t waste your time. You won’t receive anything from them. They’re simply too good to be true. The “proof” they show you in videos and images is faked by using video and image editing software. Don’t let them fool you!

Even if generators like this would work, the developers would patch them in no time and all accounts that used them would be banned. It’s simply not worth it.

Cheat codes

In addition, there are also sites that offer you cheat codes. If you’re like me, you might remember cheat codes from old games such as Age of Empires, where you enter a code into the game and get resources for free. These sites claim that the same thing is possible for Boxing Star. The codes they give you usually look something like this:

1800 Gold – IepNiwQq_2iN

And while this might look like a working cheat code, it’s not! You cannot enter cheat codes anywhere in Boxing Star so these codes are completely pointless.

But don’t despair, it’s possible to get free gold in Boxing Star if you’re willing to put in some time. Let us show you how.

How to get free gold in Boxing Star legitimately

It’s frustrating that there are so many fake hacks and cheat codes around, and we don’t want to leave you empty handed. Therefore we’ll share our own personal method of getting free gold with you.

Our method does require you to put in some time, but it’s 100% guaranteed to work (we’ve had good success with it ourselves) and doesn’t involve any hacking or cheating so your account is safe from being banned.

We’ve created a simple and to the point guide that’ll teach you exactly how you can use our method. The guide will show you our exact method step by step which makes it very easy to follow. The guide we created is completely free to use and access and works on both the Android and iOS version of Boxing Star!

And most importantly: there’s no human verification required. Unlike some other sites, we’re not here to waste your time, so no surveys, downloads or anything like that!

You can simply click the blue button below and gain instant access to our free Boxing Star Gold Guide! Enjoy 🙂

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