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Bleach Brave Souls Hack & Cheats – The Truth about getting free spirit orbs

Bleach Brave Souls Hacks & Cheats

bleach brave souls

A couple of weeks ago we finished watching the anime Bleach. When we learned that there was a mobile game that took place in the same universe we downloaded it immediately and started playing. However, before long we found ourselves wondering if it would be possible to obtain free spirit orbs and coins through the use of a Bleach Brave Souls Hack. If you’re on this page you’re probably wondering the same thing.

In today’s article we will answer every question you might regarding this topic. We will explore whether any hacks for Bleach Brave Souls exist, and also if they work. We will put them all to the test and share the results with you. If we come to the conclusion that it’s not possible to hack Bleach Brave Souls then we will try to find an alternative method of obtaining spirit orbs and coins.

Is it possible to hack Bleach Brave Souls?

That was the question we had when we were playing the game. Bleach Brave Souls is a ton of fun to play, but can also get expensive very fast. It’s similar to a lot of other mobile games nowadays in that it operates in the freemium model. The game is free to play, but has in app purchases. In Bleach Brave Souls these in app purchases come in the form of spirit orbs. You’re not required to purchase these orbs, but if you have them the game becomes a whole lot more fun. However, these orbs are not cheap, they can cost you anywhere from $1 to $80.

Since they are so expensive we started our search for a Bleach Brave Souls Hack. During our search we quickly found several websites that offered an unlimited spirit orb generator. We tested all of them and will tell you about the results below.

Putting the first cheat to the test

The first Bleach Brave Souls Cheat website that we found looked like this:

bleach brave souls cheats website screenshot

We were surprised to see that this generator for Bleach Brave Souls looked almost exactly like one of the March of Empires Cheats that we tested before! In fact it looked like this website was made by the same person. This was a bad sign, because when we tested the other hack it didn’t work at all. However, we didn’t want to jump to conclusions so we went ahead and tested the cheats.

We entered our username in the generator and also how many coins and spirit orbs we wanted to receive. Then we pressed the generate button on their website and it appeared to start working. After a few seconds of waiting it asked us to complete the human verification. This is always the most annoying step, but we went ahead and did it.

After we completed the human verification for the hacker it said the coins and spirit orbs had been added to our account. However, when we opened up Bleach Brave Souls and checked to see if they were there we found nothing but disappointment. There was not a single spirit orb nor coin added to our account.

We then performed our special test to ensure that it doesn’t work. In our special test we enter a random username that does not exist and that nobody would ever use.

the username we entered in the bleach brave souls hack

As you can see, there is no way that anyone with this username exists. So, if the spirit orbs generator was legitimate it should give us some kind of error, right? However, the hack performed exactly the same as when we entered our real username! It still claimed to have entered the spirit orbs and coins to our account. That should be impossible!

It seems like our suspicions were correct and that this Bleach Brave Souls Online Hack was just as fake as we thought!

Testing another Brave Souls Orbs generator

We were disappointed to find out that the first Bleach Brave Souls Cheats that we tested did not work but didn’t give up hope just yet. We tested another generator. This time it looked like this:

screenshot of bleach brave souls hack

Again, we went through all the steps. We entered our username and how many spirit orbs we want. Then we pressed the “start generator” button and crossed our fingers. Once again, we were asked to complete the human verification. We completed it and checked our account. Nothing… again.

We once again tested it by entering a completely random username but it still claimed it added the spirit orbs and coins.

This Bleach Brave Souls Cheats website was a waste of time, just like the other one we tested.

So, can Bleach Brave Souls be hacked at all?

We’re saddened to tell that it can’t. We could not find a working hack anywhere and it’s definitely not for a lack of trying. Seriously, we tested every single Bleach Brave Souls Cheats that we could find. It took a long time and we won’t bore you by showing you the results one by one. They all have the same result as the two that we showed you anyway. These sites seem to exist solely to try to trick you.

We also found some websites that claim they have cheat codes for Bleach Brave Souls. However, this makes no sense at all, you can’t even enter cheat codes in the game!

Other things that we tested are things like a damage hack for iOS, using a lucky patcher, using game guardian, a summon hack and using Bleach Brave Souls Hack APKs. None of these things worked at all.

While there is no way to hack the game, it is possible to obtain free spirit orbs and coins. If you’re curious about how to to it, then keep reading. We promise that unlike these Bleach Brave Souls Hackers we will not waste your time.

How you can obtain free spirit orbs and coins

bleach brave souls

We were fed up with all the hacks and cheats that we found and decided we wanted to find a legitimate method. We first searched on the internet, YouTube videos and Reddit, but we couldn’t find a single working method.

That’s when we went ahead and tried testing things for ourselves. It was a long process, but we finally managed to find a method how we could obtain free spirit orbs and coins. Of course, we were very happy to find this method. The method is quick and easy to do. We created a guide to teach our readers how they can do the method that we found for themselves.

Before we released the guide we tested it on both Android and iPhone to ensure it works on both versions, and it does!

You can simply follow the steps that we lay out in our guide. Seriously, it’s so easy that even a baby could do it. And best of all, you’re not even breaking the rules of the game when you use this method. It’s completely legitimate and won’t result in your account getting suspended.

There is also no jailbreak or root required in order to use our guide.

Our guide is available to readers for free. If you want to know how you can obtain spirit orbs and coins for free quick and easily then click the button below. Stop wasting your time on Bleach Brave Souls Hack Tools that will give you nothing.


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