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Be the King Cheats

Hello once again TapTapGamers! We’ve had a ton of requests from our readers about Be the King Cheats. Since we’re big fans of the game ourselves as well we decided to do research into the topic and write an article about it. In today’s post we will tell you all about whether Be the King Cheats or Hacks exist and if they actually work. Furthermore we’ll cover how you can obtain free golds in the game. But first, let’s start by talking about what Be the King exactly is for our readers who haven’t played the game yet.

What is Be the King

Be the King is a game that’s only available for iPhone. Currently it’s unclear whether the game will also be released for Android. The game was developed and released by┬áChuang Cool Entertainment. It’s a relatively new game, but it’s been well received. The game has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on the Apple App Store which means the fans clearly love it.

In Be the King you take on the role of a king, as the name suggests. It’s a role playing game that takes place in imperial China. You start out pretty low on the hierarchy but the goal is to accumulate as much power as you can and become the king of the court.

In the game you can forge alliances to defeat bosses which is a ton of fun. If you have not played the game yet we highly recommend it. We’ve been playing the game for a while now and while the game is certainly enjoyable there were a few drawbacks. As with most games that are released nowadays there are a lot of micro transactions. In Be the King the main currency is called gold.

You can buy 60 gold for only a dollar but the price quickly increases. The price for 6800 gold is $100! And since 60 gold is not enough to really do anything the game can get quite expensive fast. We had already spent a substantial amount of money on the game when our readers asked us about Be the King Cheats. We decided that this was a good opportunity to start looking for a way to obtain free gold in Be the King.

Are there any real cheats or hacks?

In our search for a way to obtain free gold in Be the King we stumbled upon dozens of sites that claimed they could give us free gold. They said that we only needed to enter our username and the gold would flow into our account in no time. However, since we have a ton of experience with finding cheats for games we knew that these websites would most likely be fake. However, because we wanted to be diligent we decided to try them out.

We also found a lot of YouTube videos that showed us their generator. These videos seemed legit because they actually show the resources being added to the account. We decided to test those out as well.

We weren’t very surprised to find out that these websites and videos were completely fake. The gold was never added to our account. You might have encountered similar websites on your quest to obtain free gold. It’s unfortunate but you can’t hack or cheat in Be the King.

What you can do is obtain free gold!

How to get free gold in Be the King

be the king hack

We didn’t give up and kept searching for ways to obtain free gold in Be the King. We searched for a long time. It was hard to find a working method with all the scams out there. We almost started believing that it was impossible to obtain free gold. However, one of our friends told us he knew a method. We decided to give his method a try and to our surprise it worked. His method was simple, quick and best of all it actually worked.

Once we finally knew how to obtain free gold in Be the King we immediately went to work on writing a guide. We wanted to share our findings with our readers as we always do. Writing our guide took a couple of hours, but we’re proud with the end result.

Our guide will show you step-by-step how you can obtain free gold. It’s easy to follow our guide and you will have the gold in your account in no time.

Best of all, your account is not at risk when using our guide. This is because the method we show you is completely legitimate. You’re not breaking any of the game rules, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your account at all!

Oh, and our guide is available completely for free! Stop falling for fake hacks and cheats and use the only working method of obtaining free gold in Be the King!

Be the King free gold

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