Archero Cheats & Hacks Review – Do they really work?

Archero is a relatively new game for Android and iOS released by Habby. The game has blown up in popularity recently because PewDiePie made a video on it. We naturally decided to try out the game for ourselves and really enjoyed the gameplay. The game is a lot of fun! However, when you run out of gems, the fun ends abruptly. But what if you could obtain gems for free? There are websites out there that offer cheats for Archero, but do those cheats really work? Let’s find out.

In order to find out getting free gems in Archero was possible through the use of cheats we decided to test them out. We’ll share the results of our tests with you today. That way you can save yourself a lot of time. Let’s get started.

Archero Hacks

Even though Archero is a new game, it didn’t take long for websites promoting gem cheats to pop up. We were curious to find out if it was really possible to obtain thousands (some of these sites even offer you millions) of gems just by clicking a few buttons.

The sites that offer gem generators for Archero usually look like this:

archero hack screenshot

Since there are several of them out there, they don’t all look the same. They are however quite similar in functionality. They ask you to provide your username and the platform you play on before you can proceed. Once you’ve entered this information you’re able to press the “proceed” button. When you do so, you’re able to select how many gems you want to generate.

As you can see, they claim to be able to add ridiculous amounts of gems to your account. But does it really work?

Do the hacks work?

When we completed all the steps on the generator we were supposed to receive our gems in a few minutes. However, even after launching the game several hours later to check if it had worked we noticed that our gem amount hadn’t increased. It didn’t work at all!

And keep in mind, the hack we’ve shown you above is not the only one that we’ve tested. We tested every single one of these gem hacks for Archero that we could find in the same way. None of them provided us with the gems they promised. They’re nothing more than a giant waste of your time.

If you come across any website that claims to have working hacks for Archero, do not let them fool you. There are no working gem generators!

These sites are simply out to trick you, don’t let them. However, it is possible to obtain free gems in Archero. There are 2 ways to do so.

How to get free gems in Archero legitimately

While it’s sad to see that you can’t just enter your username and obtain millions of gems for free it is possible to get free gems if you’re willing to spend some time.

We’ll share our own personal method that we’ve used to get gems for free. The method is quite easy to use, and unlike gem cheats, it actually works.

We’ve written up a concise guide, that’ll teach you our exact method step by step. That way you can just access the guide, follow along with the steps and obtain the gems you need.

The guide works on both the Android and iPhone version of Archero, and there’s no need to jailbreak or root your device. And best of all: no human verification or downloads are required!

You can simply access our free guide right here on our site by pressing the button below.

archero guide

Mod APKs and IPAs

Alternatively, there’s also websites that have hacked APKs and IPAs for Archero. These are modified versions of the game that give the user several benefits such as: God Mode, a 10 times damage modifier or not allowing enemies to move.

Personally we don’t really like them because they really trivialize the game. After all, what’s the fun in Archero if you one-shot all opponents and they’re powerless to fight back? It completely removes the challenge of the game.

In addition, since they’re modified versions of Archero created by people just like you and me we can’t verify the integrity of the code. They could be malicious. If you want to try them out do so at your own risk. You can find a hacked APK for Android here, and a modded IPA can be found here.


Upon testing the gem generators for Archero that we found we discovered that while they might seem legitimate, they do not work at all. They will not give you any of the free gems they promise you and are nothing more than a big waste of time.

We also shared our own personal method of obtaining free gems with you in the form of our guide and gave you some information about modded APKs/IPAs.

We hope this information was useful to you! If you have any questions, suggestions or tips, feel free to leave a comment.

You can check out Archero for Android here and the iOS version can be found here.

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