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Another Eden Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide – Free Chronos Stones

Another Eden

Another Eden was recently released by Wright Flyer and it became super popular very quickly. A lot of people that tried out the game were happily surprised that the game is quite friendly to free-to-play players. However, while that is definitely the case the game is still a lot more fun when you have a lot of Chronos Stones available. In order to obtain Chronos Stones for free a lot of people have been looking for Another Eden Cheats.

However, while there are several sites available that offer unlimited Chronos Stones generators the question is if any of them really work.

That’s why in today’s post we’re going to tell you the truth about hacking Another Eden. We’ve tested all the sites that offer generators and we’ll share our findings with you.

In addition, we’re going to share our top tips, ticks and strategies for Another Eden.

Is hacking Another Eden possible?

Even though Another Eden is a very new game sites that offered hacks popped up in no time. These sites claim that you can obtain an unlimited amount of Chronos Stones with the click of a button.

Is this really the case or is it too good to be true?

The sites that offer unlimited chronos stones generators usually look pretty legit. They’re often accompanied by images or videos that supposedly proof that their hack really works. So it’s not a stretch to believe that they will really work.

However, when we tested these cheats for Another Eden we came to a disappointing conclusion.

These hack sites for Another Eden might look legitimate, but the truth is that none of them work. Don’t let their fancy generators, live chat or proof videos fool you.

We’ll show you the truth about these hacks in this video:

None of these websites will actually give you the chronos stones that you’re after. They’re nothing more than a huge waste of time. You might wonder how they can be fake if they have proof of their cheats in action in the form of videos and images.

This is easily explained. You can fake these “proof” videos and images very easily. Doctoring the images is easily done through photoshop. Altering the videos is a little harder, but still quite easy by using After Effects.

However, obtaining free Chronos Stones in Another Eden is definitely possible, just not by pressing a button on a generator. We’ll tell you exactly how you can obtain these Chronos Stones for free, just keep reading.

How to obtain free Chronos Stones Legitimately

We’ve discovered a very powerful method of obtaining Chronos Stones. The method we’re talking about is not some basic game knowledge that everyone already knows. It’s a very effective method that most people are unaware of.

To explain the method to you properly we’ve created a guide that’ll teach it to you. The guide shows you step by step what you need to do. Simply follow the steps in the guide and you’ll have the Chronos Stones in no time.

It works on both the Android and iPhone version of the game, so no worries there either. In addition, there’s no need to jailbreak or root your phone so no need to mess around with that.

Note: Using our guide to obtain Chronos Stones will also allow you access the Fateful encounter (guaranteed 5 star ally) even though you’ve obtained the stones for free!

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Tips and Tricks

After you use our guide you might be wondering about some tips and tricks for Another Eden. We’ve got you covered on that front too. Use these tips to your advantage to get the most out of the game.

Please note that some of these tips and tricks are also a decent way to obtain Chronos Stones, but the method is our guide is way more powerful than this.

Don’t neglect side quests

When you have a quest available a yellow exclamation mark will be visible over the character’s head. Usually in these quests someone in a town needs your help, and of course it’s your duty to help them.

When you complete these quests you will receive some pretty decent rewards. Usually the rewards are in the form of experience, Chronos Stones, Class Scrolls and materials.

You might not feel like the side quests are worth it because you want to blaze through the main story line. However, if you neglect these side quests you’ll miss out on some good loot. We’ve also found these side quests to be quite interesting so we highly recommend you to complete them.

Use reserves to your advantage

When a party member is not fighting on the front lines they’re considered to be in reserve. While they’re in reserve they’ll regenerate health and mana every turn.

For that reason it’s very important to use this to your advantage and put some party members in reserve. When used properly this can help you navigate through dungeons without having to back to the inn too often.

Another benefit of using the reserves is the Valor Chants. Valor Chants are a special ability that each member possesses which buffs the whole party.

There are several different Valor Chants in the game. They usually don’t last very long, but can be quite powerful, especially when they’re timed well.

Keep your eyes peeled for materials


When you’re exploring the vast world of Another Eden make sure to keep an eye out for sparkly stuff on the floor. When you see sparkly stuff consider yourself lucky because you have just found materials! Materials are very important in Another Eden so you should always loot them whenever you see them on the floor.

You can collect these materials and sell them for Git at blacksmiths. You can also use these materials to upgrade your weapons and gear.

Improve your weapons and gear

The gear and weapon upgrading system in Another Eden is a bit different than most games. In most RPGs you either buy or craft your own gear but in Another Eden it’s sort of a mix.

You can use the Grit that you get from selling materials to purchase better weapons and armor. However, the other part of it is that you can unlock better weapons and armor by turning in more and different kinds of materials.

Once you have unlocked more items you can purchase them. Before buying you have the option to try on the gear. Using this function will show you how the new gear will affect your character’s stats.



Horrors are kind of like mini bosses. They’re monsters that are a much higher level than the surrounding enemies. When you first enter a zone these horrors are probably too much to handle.

However, once you’ve progressed through the game more and have become stronger it’s a good idea to pay a visit to these horrors again and teach them a lesson. They give a large amount of XP and pretty good loot.

When you get in the vicinity of a horror your screen will turn red. They’ll immediately begin chasing you. You can either run away to fight them.

Boss fights

With all your shiny new gear you obviously want to test your metal. Boss fights are an excellent opportunity for that. If you’re having trouble defeating a boss it’s a good idea to upgrade your gear and weapons so you have a better chance to defeat him.

Of course, gear is not going to carry you all the way there. You will need to have a decent level with good stats to defeat some bosses but having good gear can give you that extra push to defeat tough bosses.

Hacked Mod APK’s

Personally we don’t recommend using mod APK’s for Another Eden because honestly they pretty much ruin the game for us.

These hacked APK’s are obviously only available for Android. They can give you invincibility, one hit kill and many other things.

But one hitting everything and being unable to be hit yourself makes the game quite boring. For that reason we don’t recommend using them, but if that’s your thing you can check it out here.


That about wraps it up for Another Eden. We hope you found us revealing the truth about Another Eden Cheats and our tips helpful. Remember to check out our guide for obtaining free Chronos Stones and have a lot of fun in the game!

If you don’t have the game yet you can download it for Android here and iPhone here.

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